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  1. Chiefthepup

    Raptor style grill marker lights cheap and easy

    Oh my bad I should add I am not OP. Just happened to have installed some lights on my grill as well lol. Thank you for sharing Great advice!
  2. Chiefthepup

    Raptor style grill marker lights cheap and easy

    I used a dremel tool which was nice cause I was able to slowly cut, try to fit, repeat, til it snapped into place
  3. Chiefthepup

    HRG 2.5” vs Ford Ranger Lifts 1.75”

    Awesome! I mean for what it’s worth I would assume a spring lift is less components removed which means less chance of screwing up. Haha. I just didn’t have a tool to compress the oem springs or even know how to do all of that but someone that knows a thing or too it’s probably a pretty quick...
  4. Chiefthepup

    HRG 2.5” vs Ford Ranger Lifts 1.75”

    I have 245/65/17 and I’ll be honest I paid an off-road shop to do the install cause I have zero experience and didn’t want to risk royally screwing up on a vital part of the vehicle. I wish I had more advice!
  5. Chiefthepup

    🆕 Bronco Sport Gas Cap Overlay

    Stoked! Thank you!
  6. Chiefthepup

    Ac condenser drain line location? This thread may be of some help This comment specifically
  7. Chiefthepup

    Found a great sunshade

    For anyone looking for a sunshade that fits like a glove I found one. They also have a complete set for every window. super stoked at how perfectly this fits after seeing so many poorly fitting sunshades on Amazon. It says to put visors down but honestly it stays in perfect position even...
  8. Chiefthepup

    Happy 1.5L

    I’ve never put anything but 87 in and have always hated how my bronco feels like it’s shuddering or hiccuping anywhere between 15-35 mph. I was even going to bring it to the dealership cause it was so noticeable. Just Put 3/4 of a tank of premium and GAME CHANGER! I swear it’s not just...
  9. Chiefthepup

    Review of accessories 1 yr later. Not good.

    I’ve been super busy and haven’t looked at the side marker lights yet. I’m gonna take a look this weekend though! They are sometimes completely normal and no glitch. Sometimes only half of the light works. Sometimes 1 or 2 bulbs are out. It’s probably something simple especially with how thin...
  10. Chiefthepup

    Bug deflectors.

    I just installed mine and so far my main issue is because the adhesive prevents the aeroskin II from sitting 100% flush, I’m getting a shit ton of pine needles building up in the gap. Am I supposed to run a bead of some kind of sealant down that gap? I didn’t have the instructions with it and...
  11. Chiefthepup

    Just found out 10’ 2x4’s fit

    Stealing that idea 👍
  12. Chiefthepup

    Just found out 10’ 2x4’s fit

    Really tho. 1 8’ 4x4 was like $16 I about passed out
  13. Chiefthepup

    Just found out 10’ 2x4’s fit

    Yeah I’ll be totally honest I’ve never strapped anything to the top of a vehicle before and just went the path of least resistance lol next time I’ll give the crossbars a go! Just cool to know these sports are roomier than I realize sometimes.
  14. Chiefthepup

    Just found out 10’ 2x4’s fit

    Hahaha I know I know. I just had to know one more reason I’m glad I chose the sport over the maverick 😂
  15. Chiefthepup

    Just found out 10’ 2x4’s fit

    Was pleasantly surprised that I could fit 2 10’ 2x4’s without leaving the glass open by running them to passenger footwell with passenger seat backed up all the way. It’s the little things haha
  16. Chiefthepup

    Washington Free EGR hood protector (local pick up only)

    I replaced my EGR dark smoke hood protector with the Aeroskin and don’t want to find a place to store it. I accidentally lost some of the hardware for it but contacted egr and they sell the hardware for $15. I’m in the Olympia area 👍
  17. Chiefthepup

    Ford Accessories Bronoc Tool Kit

    As cool as I think it is and as much as I want to buy it, I can’t help but feel like I could do a harbor freight trip for a quarter of that cost haha.
  18. Chiefthepup

    Spider No Drill Roof Rack - low profile

    My exact thoughts. Like is it doable? Yes. But having never done it before there will be a mistake made and I’d rather it not be me who makes it 😂