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  1. BourbonRunner

    How to opt out of vehicle telematics transfer.

    I'm sure there are going to be plenty of folks that disagree but I am of the mind that I bought a car and I don't want Ford telling my insurance, the government, or anyone else about my driving habits. Not that I have a lead foot but it is none of their damned business if I had to accelerate to...
  2. BourbonRunner

    Apple Ford & Ford Mobile Service is A-Okay.

    We don't post too often about the good things with the dealers, but I need to post this Treacy and her team at Apple Ford in Columbia, MD are great. Ordinarily I do my own basic services but cold weather and being busy with work is preventing me from addressing the Bronco and the rest of the...
  3. BourbonRunner

    Camp Kitchen & Essentials Box

    Thought I might swing my thread about the Ridgid boxes on sale into a proper thread of its own. into its own. I used to camp a lot heavier and after spending over a week overland camping...
  4. BourbonRunner

    Ridgid Pro Toolboxes on sale at Home Depot

    Hey all-- Found out on another forum I am on these are currently on sale. I'm using them as a chuck box and general camping kit storage. Depending on how much crap in the two Plano boxes (that don't fit in the Bronco) goes into the two smaller Ridgid boxes, I may buy another Ridgid. What I...
  5. BourbonRunner

    Presets disappearing & CarPlay Latency

    This may be just an annoyance but lately on startup intermittently the available preset screens goes from my usual 4 to 2. I can switch it back by going into the setup screens and telling it, but it is aggravating. Anyone else had this issue? Secondly, since the most recent iOS update I've...
  6. BourbonRunner

    Started without recognizing the key?

    First off, this is the first vehicle I've owned with a key that didn't go into the column or dash. Not a fan of start buttons at all. What happened couldn't have possibly occurred with a physical key. This is also kind of embarrassing but I'm looking for input before I make a service...
  7. BourbonRunner

    Inspired Overland lightweight RTT

    Saw this elsewhere and wanted to share. For those of us that got our dynamic weight cut down due to the factory moonroof, this RTT is well under 100lbs. And it's kinda a hard shell. And $1350. I'm seriously considering this when I thought a hard shell RTT was out of reach due to price and...
  8. BourbonRunner

    Show me your mod'ed Heritages.

    What have you done exterior? Mechanical? Interior? Full builds, small tweaks, stuff from the Pep Boys catalog, whatever you've done post it. Bonus points if you're Yellowstone.