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  1. davidg4781

    New Ford Pass App

    I know a lot of y'all aren't happy with the new app. And I'm not defending Ford or whatever. But where I work, there have been times when we've had to change vendors on the fly. There's some annoyance but it's either deal with that or either lose service or pay a LOT of money. I wonder if...
  2. davidg4781

    24S24 Recall Latest Info.

    So you did not adjust that setting? I don't have a Windows PC so that's going to make things a little more difficult.
  3. davidg4781

    Tire pressure monitoring

    I did some trail riding the other day and aired all of them down to 25lbs. I didn't get any warning. I'm pretty sure it compares psi across the axle.
  4. davidg4781

    24S24 Recall Latest Info.

    Is there a good site to learn more about ForScan? I'm tempted to get 235 tires and wondering if we can program that into the BS's computer so the speedometer is accurate.
  5. davidg4781

    Anyone interested in going to Concan Adventure Trails May 21-23?

    Alright, I do plan on going up there tomorrow. For now, they're saying I'll be the only one out there. Anyone want to come with? We don't have to talk to even look at each other. I'm thinking it would be best to have someone around in case I get stuck.
  6. davidg4781

    Tight steering

    Hard to say. An Altima is a bit more comfort oriented. I believe it has an electric steering compared to an hydraulic so I would think it's easier but it may be tuned differently. If it's under warranty, maybe take it to the dealership. Maybe get a buddy to try it out to get a second opinion.
  7. davidg4781

    Tire pressure monitoring

    I think you go to the one with the picture of the Bronco Sport. Hit the button with 3 lines on it or something. Then you can choose between tire pressure, oil life, and a couple of others.
  8. davidg4781

    Water Pump/reminder

    I wonder what more expensive one they used? I picked up a gallon of pre-mixed coolant. I can't remember if they asked which one I wanted or not but they pulled it by VIN. Kind of wished the warranty had paid for that. I'll push them to either fix my pump or purchase the next one.
  9. davidg4781

    Anyone interested in going to Concan Adventure Trails May 21-23?

    I'm off next week and thinking about checking out the Concan Adventure Trails. Anyone interested in coming with? I don't have a for sure date I'll be up there right now but if someone else wants to meet, I'll be sure to be there! And I'm not affiliated with them in any way. This and Hidden...
  10. davidg4781

    Calling my fellows Bronco Sport owners. Let's make this happen!

    Darn, I'm working now.
  11. davidg4781

    The latest Sync®3 map will be available on or near May 13th, 2024.

    I had to deliver something once a few years back. Google and Apple kept sending me to a different part of town (small town). I tried my Accord's navigation and it found the correct address. I don't know if I'd pay for built in nav but I would pay for 360+ and it's included. It helps with...
  12. davidg4781

    Mystery white powder coming out of hood

    I forgot if I asked here or somewhere else, but I was looking for a good wheel and tire cleaner a while back. I tried a couple and one from Meguiar's worked really well. I noticed Ford sells a wheel and tire cleaner that's about 1/3 of the cost. I'm going to pick some up and see how that...
  13. davidg4781

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    After reading these comments and studying the look of the BS and full size Bronco... I think the only major "retro" portion is the grill and headlights. The rest looks different. Still some modern design but not so much smooth/rounded/jelly belly. I don't like the lights of the Maverick. I...
  14. davidg4781

    Mystery white powder coming out of hood

    I'm having a hard time finding tetralubisol at the local AutoZone. What else can we use? I have lithium spray grease and silicone spray. What about the rubber gaskets? I used to put Shin-itsu grease on my Accord.
  15. davidg4781

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    Both the Bronco and Bronco sport are sharp looking, don't get me wrong. They spark nostalgia in everyone that's owned, seen, or experienced one in the last 50 years. But the question, for all you Bronco Sport enthusiasts out there, do you want to keep this retro design or give it a modern...
  16. davidg4781

    New Off Rodeo rules?

    Is this for full size Broncos only? I thought about trying this out but it's too far from Texas. Plus I'm trying to save a bit of money.
  17. davidg4781

    This surprised me today.

    You had me a bit excited about this but I don't think they're buying back BSs at such a good premium anymore. For me, I'd like to find one with the packages I want and get a lower APR. Oh well. I think I'm just stuck with this for a while.
  18. davidg4781

    I have a favor to ask from members with '23-'24 badlands models?

    I never noticed this on my Big Bend. I did notice our door doesn't have any additional weatherstripping at the bottom while a CR-V I rode in the other day did. This make some wonder if that is contributing to bugs and dirt I find inside my BS.