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  1. kshaw

    Poor gas mileage 15.1 city 21-23 highway (Los Angeles)

    For best MPG, look into the low-resistance tires recommended for the hybrids. Those really work and make a big difference.
  2. kshaw

    New oil drain plug is available -- Ronin oil drain plug

    I have a quick drain on my airplane. It is all brass, has a positive cut-off valve, and allows connection to a hose to avoid spills. I would want the same features before putting one on my BS.
  3. kshaw

    Mystery white powder coming out of hood

    If you are detailing your engine, avoid using Simple Green or similar. It will cause white powder on your aluminum parts. That is corrosion. If you want to use Simple Green, get the NASCAR or Aviation version which is not corrosive.
  4. kshaw

    What's your other ride(s)?

    This will mostly be a weekend/ good weather car for me but I am tempted to take the Porsche Driver's Education training offered by PCA. They pair you with a racing instructor and teach you what not to do.
  5. kshaw

    What's your other ride(s)?

    When I was fresh out of college, I bought a Triumph TR6. The owner's manual said that it would do 118 mph. I got so many tickets trying to get there that insurance company gave me their "just one more ticket" speech. I listened to them and quit that. I also had a 1986 Corvette advertised to...
  6. kshaw

    What's your other ride(s)?

    Just got this to replace my Miata. Supposed to do 172 mph but no roads to try that.
  7. kshaw

    Add a second Sirius XM Satellite antenna ?

    I put a Tour 360 SXM tuner in my plane and placed an XM antenna on the glare shield (dash) and it works fine. I did position the antenna away from the compass because the antenna had a built in magnet. I used a motorcycle version of the antenna which has a four feet antenna cable instead of...
  8. kshaw

    Battery State of Health report from Dealer

    I have compared voltage readings from these with my Fluke VOM and they generally agree. I saw some comparisons of these with load testers on YouTube and noted that load testers sometimes were giving different results but the load testers were wrong. These will not work with lithium batteries...
  9. kshaw


    This is an easy fix using ForScan. Just need to get a compatible OBDII cable and a free license.
  10. kshaw

    Battery State of Health report from Dealer

    A good battery tester is just as important as having a bi-directional OBD2 reader. My battery tester computes either CA or CCA and divides that by the stated CA or CCA on the battery label to measure the percentage life of the battery. I will replace the battery at about 75% level.
  11. kshaw

    swollen nuts, lol

    Mark, based on my personal experience with a previous Ford Escape, this problem is a big deal that can become a safety hazard. Frankly, I am surprised that NTSB has not made Ford do a recall on those lug nuts. Imagine that you have a flat in a remote area and attempt to change your tire and...
  12. kshaw

    bike rack

    I am using the Thule two bike trailer hitch mount. I purchased mine from a guy on craig's list and it was significantly less than retail.
  13. kshaw

    Top Tier Fuel

    Presenters had favorable comments on Shell specifically.
  14. kshaw

    Top Tier Fuel

    I was watching a Porsche Workshop on YouTube last night and presenters were stressing the importance of using top tier fuel for engine health. I had never heard of top tier fuels. Service stations that use top tier fuel is supposed to contain additives that minimize carbon buildup in the...
  15. kshaw


    Our Bichon insists on having her window open with her head out the window. We always have to crack one of the front windows to prevent the buffeting.
  16. kshaw

    False alarm

    I had this issue with my Escape Hybrid and the dealer attached a scanner to the car and monitored the car for about a seek. When the alarm went off, the scanner recorded the sensor that triggered the alarm. In my case, it was one of the door sensors that triggered it. Required replacement of...
  17. kshaw

    Portable water heater?

    There are some fairly small ceramic heaters available for under desk in an office environment that may help . I bought one of those to heat my 3D printer enclosure. You would need a fairly large Jackery or equivalent to power it. I had some success with sticking some of the rechargeable hand...
  18. kshaw

    Towing with the Bronco

    FORScan has a number of options for those towing with their Bronco Sport. I would presume that Ford would activate those if you bought the towing package. Does anyone know how these work?
  19. kshaw

    LED Reverse Bulb

    I replaced most of the bulbs on my 350Z with LED bulbs from SuperBrite LED. You can specify the car and they have a cross-reference to all the bulbs on that car.
  20. kshaw

    2022 BS OB - fast blinkers, exterior lights working properly (I think)

    I had this issue with a Volvo I once owned. As others have suggested, just start replacing the bulbs on that circuit until they stop rapid blinking. I believe that is caused by lamp resistance because you can cause this by replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs and you sometimes have to wire...