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  1. 13MikeH

    What would Batman drive?

    I recall why I stopped posting. Simpler times.
  2. 13MikeH

    What would Batman drive?

    All kidding aside, remove the red bats, stick with the fine red trim lines, add black steelies. Knockout look. If you wanted bats a subtle dark grey would look cool.😎
  3. 13MikeH

    First Look at Desert Sand Color on 2024 Bronco Sport

    Using historic resale may be misplaced. The surge of primer grey and desert tan has increased considerably. I really like it especially with black roof and Steelie rims. I'd buy fhag
  4. 13MikeH

    Open Letter to Ford Motor Company

    My daughter had a 2003. Ran like a VW for a long time. But...every car has its weakness. Glad you're was resolved sto your satisfaction.
  5. 13MikeH

    New Bronco Owner!

    Congrats looks great. I LOVE that color of blue. I'm happy with the A51 and wouldn't trade...but that color option would have made my choice difficult.
  6. 13MikeH

    Open Letter to Ford Motor Company

    Well said. We live in an age of SERVE ME. Read the damn manual. It's FILLED with information, that's why it's an owners manual. Yep it's frustrating when you have vehicle problems. My daughter had a VW. Problems. My son has a dodge. Major electrical, harness problem. Knock on wood, every Ford...
  7. 13MikeH

    Toyota 2024 Land Cruiser and the new Santa Fe

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. They copy the example set for others. The Sport is a perfect niche vehicle.
  8. 13MikeH

    How to estimate actual delivery date?

    Yeah...hate to say it, a week from production is exceptionally fast and unlikely unless you live across from the Hermsoillo plant. Figure they assemble, quality check, prep for shipment, arrange a rail carrier, transfer rails/truck, dealer delivery, dealer prep, pickup don't be shocked if it's...
  9. 13MikeH

    Maybe I'm Wrong!

    Dude (ma'am) how are you pulling less than 20mpg? My badlands averages 25-28 city/suburbs and when we rolled the black hills it was in the 30s. May want to have that looked at🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. 13MikeH

    Maybe I'm Wrong!

    two words. Price Point. People would bitch about another $5K on top of the MSRP. Buy one...or don't. It's frustrating.
  11. 13MikeH

    I got a VIN! I got a VIN

    Don't know how much faster things are moving now but it shouldn't be too long
  12. 13MikeH

    2024 Bronco Sport Free Wheeling Special Edition Revealed + New Black Appearance Package

    Ye about the white retro rims. Those red accents are fugly.
  13. 13MikeH

    Tire Comparison

    Added the 235 A/T wildpeak factory upgrades. In Michigan we get a healthy amount of snow and I'd say they were outstanding the last two winters. Very good manners on dry highway, rain, it's a solid tire.
  14. 13MikeH

    Puget Sound Bronco Sports

    So. Hijack/.off topic. Has PNW truly fallen prey to epidemic or is that isolated to a few clusters in the big city? Looks beautiful but horror stories of the encampments and opioids paint a terrible picture.
  15. 13MikeH

    Ford takes a hard line on dealer pricing for EVs.

    Agreed. My guy called when my badlands hit the lot. Hid it in the crash lot and locked my keys in his desk when I couldn't take delivery that day. Went line by line with the MSRP sheet and my employee plan. Top shelf. I like the central MSRP dealer model but...local has some perks if you have a...
  16. 13MikeH

    Better than a 6G Outerbanks?

    Like butta...smooth ascent. Don't care...this is a VERY capable 4x4. Period.
  17. 13MikeH

    Hey, Bronco world. New to the forum.

    Lol that sticker on the gas door lmao. Vividly recall watching the whole "chase". Appropriate for a white sport. Well done. 😉😂😂
  18. 13MikeH

    Decisions for new tires

    Should have clarified. I have the 235...
  19. 13MikeH

    Decisions for new tires

    I have the wildpeak upgrade OEM and they have been outstanding in all conditions. Wet, snow, ice, mud, sand, loose gravel, 10mph hairpins in the mountains. 235 with standard setup looks nice. With a lift 245 would work. Can't go wrong with Ford spec. d, sand,
  20. 13MikeH

    Bronco Sport Windshield Integrity

    BOOM. "Donkey" then GTFO and get a superior vehicle. YUGOS sucked and one was blown off the Mac bridge...let's go buy one!!! I am entertained by thought processing day by day. I loathe sand...let's buy a beach house. Wtf!?