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  1. Martinjv71

    Cactus Grey is not cactus grey....

    I'm confused how what Ford calls Cactus Gray cannot be what Ford calls Cactus Gray.......
  2. Martinjv71

    2024 Bronco Sport RV & Trailer Towing (GVWR / GCWR) Guide From Ford

    I've owned both. The 1.5 in nothing compared to the 2.0.......
  3. Martinjv71

    BSBL Squirrelly on Black Ice

    I dont know what car or vehicle is not squirrly on ICE..............
  4. Martinjv71

    Read Before you buy a Bronco Sport!!

    I read yours and bought one anyways.......not one thing was as your warning everyone about. Are you secretly a jeep owner?
  5. Martinjv71

    Are there any side-by-side comparisons between Bronco Sport trims?

    ON Fords website..................................
  6. Martinjv71

    What's up with the light up numbers on the side of my door?

    I'm sorry you don't have a car manual.
  7. Martinjv71

    Fog Lights/Cornering Lights?

    I have a 2024 BL and they do not work like they did on my 21 OB.
  8. Martinjv71

    2023 Engine Cover

    Talked to my dealer and it was an inventory issue. If the assembly line had them then they put them on. If not then they were not going to hold up production for a non vital part so they left them off.
  9. Martinjv71

    Advisement on removing Aeroskin II textured hood?

    No you cant. There is a primer also used. You will ruin everything.
  10. Martinjv71

    Anyone receive their Free Wheeling Bronco Sport yet?

    Don't think too many people ordered that thing.
  11. Martinjv71

    Bottle Opener rant - The upside down Ford Bottle Opener

    They would find something to complain about for that also.....
  12. Martinjv71

    Ford Warranty Woes: A Snowy Saga

    hoping your gonna try more than one dealer... Just saying
  13. Martinjv71

    First Hard Freeze - Ford Designers Will Make You Pay a Hard Price

    Ive owned a few cars where this happened. Don't blame ford when your antifreeze states its only good between certain temperatures.
  14. Martinjv71

    Deceptive Advertising by Ford and AT&T for 4G Wi-Fi Hot Spot!!! :-(
  15. Martinjv71

    Deceptive Advertising by Ford and AT&T for 4G Wi-Fi Hot Spot!!! :-(

    Your getting very technical and sounding like a Ford employee trying to find excuses to get ourt of it and saying "Reed the fine print" Maybe you missed the screenshot of it stating it has 4G Wi-Fi. If Ford deleted it then why doers it state it on both websites. "Subject to change" obviously...
  16. Martinjv71

    Deceptive Advertising by Ford and AT&T for 4G Wi-Fi Hot Spot!!! :-(

    True- The temp display on knob deletion makes it look cheaper and not top of the line.
  17. Martinjv71

    AEROSKIN II deflectors are they worth it?

    To an extent but not 100%. I have had debris it and crack mine once. I have also seen some get deflected so I would say it does help.