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  1. Jill

    Trim Comparison
  2. Jill

    Cross-traffic alert system

    Ford advises that the cross-traffic alert system will activate when a vehicle is approaching within a range of 45 feet. My previous Escape would alert to traffic approaching almost a block away while I sat in a driveway waiting to reverse out. My BL does not activate at all while sitting in the...
  3. Jill

    Mileage upon delivery

    My BL was delivered with 75 kms on the odometer. It didn’t have a sticker indicating it was used for testing. I’ve taken delivery of dozens of Fords and have never had more than 3-6 kms on the odometer. Dealer can’t offer an explanation. Did anyone else have high mileage upon delivery?
  4. Jill

    Rear Wiper not clearing full back window

    Hi, I had an issue with my rear wiper not returning to the “park” position. The dealer “fixed” it but now it only clears about 2/3 of the rear window. I’ve owned several Explorers and Escapes and know that the wiper should clear a half-circle on the back window. Dealer says there isn’t an...