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  1. Mrmike

    What's your other ride(s)?

    My other rides are my wife's '20 Ecosport Titanium 2.0, and my '23 Kymco People S 150i ABS scooter.
  2. Mrmike

    Map update question

    I installed Sync 3.4 23188 in my '23 OBX. I then bought and installed map update NA 2 22. My wife's '20 Ecosport was having Sync problems. I took it to the dealer, and they updated her sync to version 4.3 23188, the same version as my OBX. The question is can I use the same USB I bought to...
  3. Mrmike

    Safety recall 24S16 / NHTSA Recall 24V 187

    Thanks to the video that Mark S. posted the battery has to be removed. In that case I 'll take the strut tower brace and the engine cover both off. Ten minute job at most.
  4. Mrmike

    Safety recall 24S16 / NHTSA Recall 24V 187

    It's the factory engine cover. I just painted the letters white myself. Go to a craft store and buy a small brush and small bottle of paint and have at it. Just take your time, and it will look fine.
  5. Mrmike

    Safety recall 24S16 / NHTSA Recall 24V 187

    I'm not sure! I just got the letter notifying me on Saturday.
  6. Mrmike

    Safety recall 24S16 / NHTSA Recall 24V 187

    Thank you for that video. I'll remove my engine cover and strut tower brace before I take it back in.
  7. Mrmike

    Safety recall 24S16 / NHTSA Recall 24V 187

    Safety Recall Notice 24S16 / NHTSA 24V-187 Install drain tube to cylinder head and reprogram power train module. (Possible fuel injector crack...
  8. Mrmike

    Safety recall 24S16 / NHTSA Recall 24V 187

    I just received a letter informing me my '23 OBX needs this recall ( 24S16 / NHTSA Recall 24V 187) applied. I have a Steeda strut tower brace, and the deleted factory engine cover installed on my vehicle. Will either of these be impacted by the application of this recall?
  9. Mrmike

    Tired of reading negative on the 1.5's?

    I've had my '23 OBX for about a year and a half now. I have taken 2 major trips of over 1000 miles. Not a bit of trouble and about 35 MPG on the Interstate. What's not to love? I'm like many others who wish they could have ordered the 2.0 for a little more power, but overall, I don't think the...
  10. Mrmike

    Adaptive cruise control

    I've had adaptive cruise control on my last 2 vehicles and I love it for traveling. I just had a situation on my last trip that made me concerned. I was in pretty heavy interstate traffic. The car ahead of me slowed down quickly, and my adaptive cruise reacted quickly. It slowed me down with no...
  11. Mrmike

    Bronco Sport Lens Tint

    Totally agree safety and visibility should be considered over looking "cool"!
  12. Mrmike

    Do you Have 360+ on your Bronco Sport

    I got it primarily because I wanted the adaptive cruise control. I do like the other features also.
  13. Mrmike

    Anyone add dual exhaust tips?

    They slid right over the stock pipes and tightened right down on them.
  14. Mrmike

    Bigger engine for BS

    I believe it can vary depending on what octane gas you use.
  15. Mrmike

    Bigger engine for BS

    I'd would of been happy if I could've gotten the 2.0 in my OBX!
  16. Mrmike

    Questions about Battery Tender

    Thank you for the quick reply, Bucko. I'll install the Battery Tender harness when I get back from vacation next week.
  17. Mrmike

    Questions about Battery Tender

    I have a '23 OBX that I don't drive much. I'm retired and only work part-time one day a week. We usually drive my wife's Ecosport daily and use our OBX for vacations 3 or 4 times a year. The car only sits dormant for a week at a time. I just purchased a new Kymco motor scooter. I will be using...
  18. Mrmike

    wiring diagram

    Contact me in conversations.
  19. Mrmike

    Anyone add dual exhaust tips?

    This is what I ended up with on my '23 OBX. Exhaust tip - to Fit 1.5 to 2 Inch Exhaust Tail Pipe Diameter- Stainless Steel to give Chrome Effect - Car Muffler Tips : Automotive
  20. Mrmike

    Gee, Thanks FORD! $20 whole bucks!

    Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!