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  1. CactusGreyBronco

    Official: 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona (EV + ICE), Scat Pack, Daytona R/T Revealed! 670 Horsepower / 0-60mph in 3.3 Secs

    OK I‘ll bite on this. I’ll wait for the EV Mustang(real mustang not an suv) I do like the placement of the start button and that it doesn’t use a dial but a shift stick.
  2. CactusGreyBronco

    What are y'all doing for a phone mount?

    Mine is similar to NoOne. Besides holding phones it can hold mini boxing gloves, or dashcams. Got it off Amazon.
  3. CactusGreyBronco

    1.5L Dragon Reliability

    I’m with Zed on this. I’m not a mechanic but saving hundreds on car repairs motivates me to figure out how to change rack & pinions, ball joints, brakes, transmission flushes, etc…
  4. CactusGreyBronco

    Other car brands extended warranty

    I don’t know if Ford is unique in the auto industry where people can buy OEM extended warranty at reduced rates over what their local dealers charge. Do you guys know if this model is repeated by other brands? This is one of the reasons I’ve bought Fords recently. I know I can shop around and...
  5. CactusGreyBronco

    Have to spend $1,200 to fix my Bronco Sport Big Bend

    Since your out of warranty shop around to a non dealer auto shop. Dealers will do a good job but they too expensive in my opinion.
  6. CactusGreyBronco

    Installed the Bronco Sport Aeroskin II Textured Hood Deflector

    I really like the look of it on our Bronco Sport. Seem like it’s protected the hood so far. One thing I noticed after I installed it. My MPG went down 1-2 mpg.
  7. CactusGreyBronco

    Winter Car Washing Tips?

    I wash my cars a few times in the winter. I live in a suburb of Chicago. I wait till the temp gets into the high 30s. I use a power washer and bucket. I also use a mop looking thing meant for washing cars. I picked it up a few years ago at the auto parts store. It’s great since I don’t have...
  8. CactusGreyBronco

    We love our BS.... but name one thing you dislike about it

    For me the headlights sometimes stay on even if I manually turn them off. Also not something I I dislike since I bought it knowing it wasn’t a Hybrid but, I would have loved if there was a Hybrid option. Or even better plug-in. ( I prob by priced out of it though)
  9. CactusGreyBronco

    Curiosity. What would this empty button be for?

    For me it’s my NOS boost button. No lie.
  10. CactusGreyBronco

    How to add Navigation after the fact?

    If you really want to add NAV, it's doable. It about a $1000 cost for the NAV module. Not counting installation. Google 4dtech. They sell the part. Like others have said. I'd take a smart phone and Apple/google maps or Waze since it gets updated constantly. Plus it can include traffic.
  11. CactusGreyBronco

    New BS owner

    Welcome to the club. I haven't seen this color in person yet. Looks great in this picture.
  12. CactusGreyBronco

    Lowering springs for Bronco Sport?

    Reviving this older post since I haven’t seen a response. I know I’m in the minority in thinking here but I’d love a lowered Bronco (maybe the latino in me) Anyone know if they make lowering springs for our BSs yet. For Escapes since their cousins of the BS?
  13. CactusGreyBronco

    I made a Bike rack.. stapled and glued some carpet to wood I had.

    @AlbyVaz I’m not sure if I’ve seen those before. It does sound cool. If you do get it provide pictures.
  14. CactusGreyBronco

    What’s your Bronco Sport Jam?

    Of course I have to jam with Grupo Bronco’s Amigo Bronco
  15. CactusGreyBronco

    I made a Bike rack.. stapled and glued some carpet to wood I had.

    I had to modify my design. I added a piece of wood on each end. Painted black. The original design was to thin. It kept on flipping when I hit a bump. Went on a ride today. It did not flip. The bike is also more stable. No need to bungee cord it down anymore. Still have to test my design...
  16. CactusGreyBronco

    Washed the Bronco and finally gave him his name

    Dang , I might have to use the Spanish spelling Bronquito. I think thats how you would spell it.
  17. CactusGreyBronco

    Rainy Day woodshop project

    Pretty cool, what color you planning for the horse?
  18. CactusGreyBronco

    Default to Eco Mode : DIY How-To

    I second wanting to have ECO as my standard . My commute isn’t even that much. My eyes well up and a slight tear runs down my cheek everytime I fill up at the gas station.
  19. CactusGreyBronco

    Washed the Bronco and finally gave him his name

    Washed and did a clay bar on the Bronco today. I had been wanting to clay bar it for a while but wanted to make sure the paint was thourgly cured before. Question are you suppose the knead the clay bar after every pass? I started to but realized this was going to take a while. It’s been a...