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  1. wiyeti

    Anyone towing 16+ foot boat?

    Curious if anyone is towing a boat around 16-18' and what your experience has been with the 1.5L. I see a lot on campers, but not a lot on boats. Curious about the longer length with smaller vehicle. I parked my OB next to the boat and it looked surprisingly small (the OB). I'm inheriting...
  2. wiyeti

    Brake Pedal Height Adjustment?

    Anyone know if the brake pedal is adjustable? Nothing in the manual or on "Google" that I could find. I have longer legs and would like to adjust the pedal so that it is closer to the height of the gas pedal for comfort. Thanks.
  3. wiyeti

    Body side molding anyone?

    Curious if anyone has installed the body side molding by AirDesign from the Accessories page. I like the idea of door ding protection, but wonder how far they stick out. Looks like it may not be past the fender flares. Before I'd shell out $329 for these, thought I'd ask. Thanks.