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  1. brockdog12

    Bye Bronco Sport forum

    I have enjoyed my time on this forum and have been able to offer some input and learn some things too. Good group of folks here, but I knew my time here would be short. I did it, I pulled the trigger and bought me a big Bronco this afternoon. I went from my Outer Banks Cactus Grey to an Outer...
  2. brockdog12

    Trico wiper blade commercial

    Twice this evening I’ve seen a new Trico wiper blade commercial and the vehicle in it is a BS base model. ? Anyone else seen it yet?
  3. brockdog12

    Side swiped by a barrel!

    I was on the highway here earlier today, very windy in Dallas today, and a plastic 55 gallon barrel shot into the left center lane from the center median, the lane I was merging into, I did my best to avoid it, but it side swiped the drivers side. I was doing about 75 when it hit me, decent...
  4. brockdog12

    Found this at Walmart

    Anyone done this to their Bronco Sport yet?
  5. brockdog12

    Car show

    There is a small town car show coming up in the near future in my area and I am thinking of placing my OB in it. I have been to many shows, but never entered a vehicle before. It is open to all makes and models and with the BS still being pretty new and kind of hard to find, I figure people...
  6. brockdog12

    To the shop

    I’ve taken my BS BB to the shop for warranty work. Hopefully they’ll address all my concerns, I told them if anything needs to be ordered I’ll take the truck back if it’s going to take time to get the parts. Many of my issues are scattered in different posts in this forum. I’m also having...
  7. brockdog12

    Windshield camera cover removal

    Has anyone removed the windshield camera cover yet? If so, how? I'd like to maybe access the camera power on my BB to install an auto dim mirror, did it on the wife's 2020 Camry and works great! Also, what is that little black sensor looking thing over the left side of the rear view mirror in...
  8. brockdog12

    My issue list so far

    These are the things my BS BB will be going in for soon, currently at 2100 miles after a month of ownership and may have to add some things. Some of these items may seem petty to some. 1. Windshield camera cover vibration 2. Blank instrument cluster display at times, no odometer, trip meter...
  9. brockdog12

    Blank display

    This post may be somewhere else, I just purchased my Big Bend this past weekend and a couple times already, the dash display has been out after starting the vehicle, meaning nothing shows between the tach and speedometer, it is blank. Anyone else had this issue? Cause and maybe a fix? Other...