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  1. Dude

    Bronco meet at local DQ

    Mine is the ‘22 Area 51 Bronco Sport Badlands parked next to a bunch of full size Broncos including at least 4 of the classic Broncos. Met up at a local DQ for ice cream and swapping Bronco stories. Very friendly group and everyone seems to like full size Broncos and Bronco Sports. Some own...
  2. Dude

    5/23/2024: Recall 24S24 on hold

    For those of you that already had Recall 24S24 completed on your vehicle, you may want to call your dealership and find out if you need to be reverted back. At least one dealership stated ”Ford is having issues with the cars after this update”. EDIT: 5/24/2024 update, “My dealer said as of...
  3. Dude

    Ford is possibly working on new TSB for Rear Brake Noise

    Seems that Ford has had “tremendous success with repairs outlined in TSB 23-2308 but apparently Ford is working on another revision...” Not available until 4th quarter...2024 There have been at least these 3 TSBs applicable to the rear brake noise, often called “moaning” and “whale sound”. TSB...
  4. Dude

    Rear Hatch Platform for those without the Cargo Management System (CMS)

    For those without the Cargo Management System (CMS): This is a public service announcement. You will find more info on the Facebook Bronco Sport group ‘2021+ Ford Bronco Sport Owners’. I have no other info other that what is posted.
  5. Dude

    Duties of vs expected role of Ford’s Social Media Team on this Forum

    Most users of this Forum have seen the @Ford Motor Company ‘user’ (Ford’s ‘Social Media Team’) or have had a reason to interact with them. You may also have seen or used the phone number for the Ford call center representative. And some owners in this Forum have expressed the wish that they...
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    Calculate how long it will take Ford to update the BCM and PCM calibrations for NHTSA Recall No. : 24V-267

    Stated in: Part 573 Safety Recall Report NHTSA Recall No. : 24V-267 Manufacturer Recall No. : 24S24 “Owners will be notified by mail and instructed to take their vehicle to a Ford or Lincoln dealer to have the BCM and PCM calibrations updated. There will be no charge for this service.” Number...
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    AUTO STOP/START SWITCH “The switch that turns this system off may be more popular than the AUTO STOP/START feature itself.” Not my quote but it’s a good one… the quote is from a current Consumer Reports issue, article is titled: SOME NEW CAR LINGO TO KNOW
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    Another good article on the Helmholtz Resonance… listing a couple solutions that Ford is working on.
  9. Dude

    2021 FORD BRONCO SPORT ISSUE SPURS NHTSA INVESTIGATION - Battery Failures In my opinion, investigation should be expanded for all ‘21-‘24 models and for any of the factory installed batteries (perhaps even after-market batteries too). The failure in the NHTSA investigation has...
  10. Dude

    Part # for Bronco Sport 2.0L Water Pump

    FYI in case anyone needs this part number: Bronco Sport 2.0L Water Pump K2GZ-8501-A Fits these vehicles Ford Edge 2019 - 2024 Ford Escape 2020 - 2024 Lincoln Corsair 2020 - 2024 Ford Bronco...
  11. Dude

    “Finally”… a correction for Rear Brake Moan Noise

    Finally is in quotes because need to verify this Bulletin corrects the Rear Brake Moan Noise as stated in the Bulletin. TSB 23-2308 Dated 09 October 2023 and states “This bulletin supersedes 23-2041” Has anyone had this Service...
  12. Dude

    Access to Ford Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 418-01A > Module Configuration ?

    Does anyone have access to the Ford Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 418-01A > Module Configuration and can provide screenshots specific to the Bronco Sports programmable parameters? SSM 51055 Adding/Removing Features Using Programmable Parameters Due To Vehicle Modifications Vehicle...
  13. Dude

    Easy way to refresh FordPass App’s Data

    Have you ever wondered why the FordPass App is not displaying correct data such as current mileage as shown on the Odometer, current Tire Pressure data, etc.? To make sure your FordPass App is displaying current data, it is easy to force the FordPass App to refresh its data. At least on an...
  14. Dude

    Tesla shares 48V architecture with other automakers to move the industry

    Ok, this post is not about Bronco Sports but if you are tired of reading about all the posts about 12V Batteries, is AGM better, and various electrical gremlins when the BS battery fails, it’s time to read something completely different...
  15. Dude

    Location of antenna, modems (AM/FM/HD, SiriusXM, GPS, FordPass, AT&T Hotspot) Information

    Info in this post has not been validated to be correct. Others who positively know for sure can chime in and correct … Some of the following features may or may not be available on your Bronco Sport so are listed as “if equipped”. Location and information: Shark Fin Antenna: AM/FM/HD, Located...
  16. Dude

    Sneak peek at a prototype engine cover for the 2.0L (Badlands, etc.) and for the 1.5L Models

    Product is powder coated black. Last pic is the Ford factory 2.0L Engine Cover for reference.
  17. Dude

    Ford TSB 22-2485 - Wireless Charger Inoperative / Poor Performance With Magsafe Charging iPhones

    This is covered under warranty, check with your dealership to see if this applies to you: Addresses wireless charger inoperative or poor performance when using Apple iPhone models that use MagSafe wireless charging including iPhone 12, 13, 14 etc. This may be due to limited compatibility with...
  18. Dude

    FORD BRONCO SPORT 2.0L SPORT EXHAUST DEBUTS IN CATALOG Summary: Ford Bronco Sport sport exhaust Ford Performance catalog: M-5230-BSC: chrome tipped M-5230-BSB: black-tipped Largely identical and fit all 2021-2023 Bronco Sport crossovers equipped with the...
  19. Dude

    Background information for ACM and DSP Module in a Bronco Sport equipped with the B&O Sound System option

    This post provides background information for the ACM and DSP Module in a Bronco Sport equipped with the B&O Sound System option which might be useful to some. In addition, links to certain relevant posts are provided. Synopsis for this post: a) Background information for the ACM and DSP...