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  1. Communication Network Error/ No start

    I just wanted to share my experience for anybody who finds a similar issue. On sunday, I was driving to dentford, NJ from wilmington, DE using mostly I-95. I was in the far left lane when somebody who looked as if they were merging off onto an exit cut back in and almost collided with me. I...
  2. Rear flood lamps on tailgate

    I’m pretty sure when you close the tailgate with the lights on, they turn off automatically. I’m pretty sure I tried this about a month ago, but I’ll have to check again
  3. Train horns, baby!!

    If you look at the right side of the engine bay, it’s tucked partly under the fender with some big hose clamps and rubber underneath for sound suppression
  4. Train horns, baby!!

    Yea man!! It is way louder than I expected in person haha. this is a test I did before I mounted everything.
  5. Train horns, baby!!

    Yea I wired it as 2 separate circuits to their respective switches so I could still use the factory horn. It’s raining here for a few days but I’ll take some close up pictures towards the weekend
  6. Train horns, baby!!

    In case anybody was wondering, this is possible and I regret nothing. Kit from hornblasters, rhino 3 liter. It is way louder than I expected in person haha. this is a test I did before I mounted everything. .
  7. Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    I work at a ford dealership in West Chester Pa and picked up mine when it first came on our lot. Our owner happened to have his original bronco getting service done to it and I was able to get this awesome shot.
  8. Bronco Sport 2.0L gets ECU flash tune by Vivid Racing ["VR Tuned ECU Flash"]

    i work at a ford dealer near philly and we like to help customers out whenever we can. it really depends on the mods and if its going to affect repairs or other components. a tune would most likely affect how our diagnostic equipment communicates with the vehicle. if you come in with an...