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  1. When to change GOAT modes

    Yes, you can change them in motion. Better question is when to use the other modes. Like what conditions and how fast should you limit yourself to the other offroady modes?
  2. Got new tires - BFG All Terrain T/A KO2's in 245/65 x17"

    Looks great!!! how much are the tires?
  3. Ford to Move Unfinished Vehicles to Dealer Lots to Finish Later

    I can't see things going wrong with this move at all.../s
  4. PSA: Coffee / Liquid Spill Shorts Out Gear Indicator

    Holy crap that must have been really scary. Hope it's an isolated incident and not all of our cars have that issue. If it's happening to all BS then they should do a recall. Safety issue 100%, needs to be fixed ASAP.
  5. Considering Trading in my BS for the Maverick

    Any of you guys ever considered trading your BS for a Maverick? I configured a XLT Maverick with the Off-road package, copilot, XLT Lux package, and it was alot cheaper (31k MSRP) than my BS Outer Banks. This configuration seemed to have more off-road capability and be more similar to the BS...
  6. Post your crossbar/basket/rack combo photos!

    Nice, but that def. won't fit in my garage. :)
  7. Firewall Penetration - for power lead, antenna, cable, etc from under the dash to the engine compartment?

    Oh that switch box looks pretty cool. Can you show details on how you hooked it up to the fuse box?
  8. Removing Ford emblem on rear lift gate - adhesive or guide pins?

    Ever consider putting this on just to confuse the hell out of people?
  9. So is ordering a 22 badlands the best way to go now?

    How big is your family? Like someone just mentioned, you should check the back seats of the BS before buying. They are kinda small, but are fine with me, in my seating position. I kinda wish I waited before getting my BS Outer Banks, because I want to see how the Ford Maverick pans out. I speced...
  10. Can a front 180 degree camera be added to an OB?

    I was gonna say you can mount it on your front license plate to avoid the upsidedown issue...but when I saw your bronco sport pic...i noticed you didn't have one on. LOL If i get one I'll mount mine on the front plates.
  11. Anyone running 31 or 32 inch tall tires @ stock height?

    I have an outer banks with the 18's, do you have a picture of your BS with the wheels and tires?
  12. Can a front 180 degree camera be added to an OB?

    would like to know too. if all else fails, I was thinking of just adding something like this:
  13. Off-road camera for non-Badlands trim

    One thing I thought was really cool on only the Badlands trim was the front camera. Can we get that camera installed on the other trims? Would love to have that function on my outer banks. Can the dealer do something like that so it looks like it's from the factory? Anyone put in a front...
  14. Bronco Sport - Outer Banks Road Trip

    Took a road trip with wife and some friends from CA to Utah to visit Zion National Park. Also did some light off-roading in my Outer Banks, BS. Lots of fun: Video of the off-roading in link:
  15. Outer Banks vs. Badlands

    I thought the Base BL didn't have heated seats. I thought you needed the BL/BL package for heated seats. hmmm. Does the Base BL without BL package have powered seats or manual?
  16. Off Roading with Bronco Sport OB in Red River Gorge, KY

    Was there video attached? I can only hear the audio.
  17. New Kia Sorento x-line

    Sorento is a bigger vehicle. The Seltos or the Sportage is more a competitor IMO. I was comparing the BS with Seltos. The tech and comfort features I was looking for was only in the SX trim for the Seltos. That Seltos trim only came with Dual Clutch Transmission, so that was a no for me, due to...
  18. Pre Collision system is not working

    Hmmm. You think this can be tested safely with a big empty cardboard box? I want to make sure mine's working too.
  19. Yakima Offgrid basket installed

    Yea, my cross rails are the OEM ones installed by the dealer. I used my Ford Pass points to help me pay for the Thule Cargo Basket at the dealership after delivery. Saved me $210, but I didn't have the dealer install it, they wanted to charge $180 for the install. It's easy enough for self...
  20. A long wait to end in disappointment (Today I saw the Bronco Sport I ordered)

    You might want to look at a Kia Telluride. Not sure if its boxy enough for you though. But I do like it. Was considering that too. It's a bigger vehicle though.