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  1. Bronco Sport Takes 5-Day Trip to Maine

    same here, love my base model! great pics!
  2. Got new tires - BFG All Terrain T/A KO2's in 245/65 x17"

    KO2s are noisy but you get used to it. those are a great fit, looks great!
  3. Curt hitch #13474

    good to know and cheap!
  4. Touch Screen black outs

    never once yet …. knock on wood
  5. Insurance cost versus prior vehicles

    keep in mind - canadian coin … 2015 civic si sedan - $1,900 year 2021 bronco sport - $2,000 year sport is in her name, better driving record than I.
  6. Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    right now at 8.6l/100 km or 27.3 mpg. it’ll get better, only 3,200 km / 2,000 miles on er.
  7. Winter Car Washing Tips?

    havent had the sport for a winter yet. however prior cars, wand wash and never the ‘brush of paint death’. most car washes shut down for a few weeks here, due to our severe winters. always dry the weatherstrips with a towel, or you taint getting inside.

    1.5 is all i want/need. kit looks pretty slick!
  9. how long is the break-in period for baby bronco?

    i used to run a turbo timer on my 1993 ford escort gt (gtx swapped). since i wont be adding one on the sport, i always let it idle for 15-20 seconds before killing it. i think its cheap insurance.
  10. Mode for GOAT on startup?

    i asked the gf to switch to eco mode while i was driving. she turned the transmission gear selector by accident. went into an immediate limp mode 😂. was like why no power wtf? and i saw the sport was in reverse. no harm done, simple accident.
  11. Weathertech Mudflaps

    either way, wise to get any type of mudflap. gravel roads beat up my rocker and lower door cladding pretty bad
  12. Heyo - any fellow Canadians here?

    winnipeg manitoba!!
  13. Thoughts? Trade in an OB with no $ for mods for a base with $ for fun stuff?

    i have the base. and compared to the other trims, its effin base lol. but, i didnt really want all the do-dads and add-ons even tho they are neat. all i wanted was a base suv with awd. i got it, and wouldnt change a thing. base looks dope with the blacked grille and black lettering. really go...
  14. 1,400km Camping Trip Review in Bronco Sport Base

    also, blown away at how the rear diff unit is so exposed. should be some type of skid plate or something there. really hoping there is aftermarket skid plates for these things soon. i’m on holidays next week, and im gonna take it to a local sheet metal shop, see what they can figure out.
  15. 1,400km Camping Trip Review in Bronco Sport Base

    a couple things i noticed last night. our road trip was very backroad, and we were on alot of gravel roads. we have no mudflaps, and the plastic claddings, rear subframe, and even the aluminum rear lower control arms rook a good beating…
  16. Michigan Want to buy: Front Tow Hooks

    i was hoping to drop the front this weekend, but tattoos are goin down saturday…rolling on your back with fresh ink not so fun.
  17. Thoughts on rust proofing?

    in my area we have ‘Ming’ and swear by it. my last car, a 2015 civic si, had one of those electronic rust immobilizers, and after 5 years of winters, there was barely any surface rusts / flaking
  18. Thoughts on rust proofing?

    aluminum is still prone to corrosion.
  19. Concerned about delivery and first model problem, ordered a RAV4

    can’t help to wonder if the BS awd system borrowed some of land rover’s technology?