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  1. CobraPat

    Off Road - Goose Lake Trail, Red River, NM

    Great photos. We’ll be up there late July. Thanks for posting.
  2. CobraPat

    Hello from New Mexico

    I’ve only seen 2 in RR. But I work in Santa Fe and usually see about 1 a day.
  3. CobraPat

    Hello from New Mexico

    Hello fellow New Mexican :fistbump:
  4. CobraPat

    New potential Badlands buyer. Any advice, tips etc about buying?

    I saw one of the other posts about them. I am definitely gonna get them.
  5. CobraPat

    Anyone have rear spoiler?

    Satin black
  6. CobraPat

    New potential Badlands buyer. Any advice, tips etc about buying?

    Got our Badlands in early April. 4100 miles now. 2 trips to Denver and back. Off roading quite a few times. Gone to our cabin deep in the forest 5 weekends in a row. No complaints. We haven’t had any problems others are having. The one I’m worried about is the lug nut issue. We had an Escape...
  7. CobraPat

    Bronco Sport rolls 20-30 feet off trail, manages to protect occupants

    Great team effort in the recovery. That happened not too far from us. Out there at night it could have been a lot worse. Glad nobody was hurt.
  8. CobraPat

    Another picture of My Ford Family,

    Looks like a Family of Fine Cars
  9. CobraPat

    From a Jeep girl to a Bronco Babe

    Congrats Broncogirl! Sweet ride indeed!
  10. CobraPat

    Photos of Bronco Sports in the Wild

    Grass Mountain New Mexico
  11. CobraPat

    Outer Banks vs. Badlands

    Same here.
  12. CobraPat

    Anyone have rear spoiler?

    Wife put one on her Badlands
  13. CobraPat

    Daddy’s Girl

    That’s fantastic. Her smile says it all.
  14. CobraPat

    NM Shoutout

    Anybody else here in New Mexico have a Bronco Sport? I’ve seen 2 in Santa Fe and 2 in Rio Rancho.
  15. CobraPat

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Here’s the wife’s new love, Cisco. We went to trade her Escape for a Ranger and saw a BS on display. It truly was love at first sight. She never looked at a Ranger. She test drove a base model BS and loved it. Put $500 deposit to hold one that was on the next truck. Dealer called and said he had...
  16. CobraPat

    Fender Flares

    They don’t stick out far. I would have liked them a little wider.
  17. CobraPat

    Fender Flares

    Hello. I’m new here also. We got the fender flares and I like them. Along with a hood scoop they make the Sport look muscular. Although they’re not as big as the Big Broncos flares.
  18. CobraPat

    Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Hello. Glad to have found this forum. We’ve had our Bronco Sport Badlands for about 6 weeks now. And we love it!