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  1. mountaincub

    Roll call for tri state

    Got My Outer Banks the first week in June, Getting our second BS, a Big Bend in the next couple of weeks. It's waiting on shipping. We're becoming a two Bronco Family!
  2. mountaincub

    Another picture of My Ford Family,

    My BS Outer Banks Big Brother, 2019 F150 XLT
  3. mountaincub

    My 2013 F150

    Yea, I'm known to take Very Good Care of my vehicles!
  4. mountaincub

    My 2013 F150

    Here's my 2013 F150 that went to my Step Dads to make room for BS Outer Banks. He'll give her a good home.
  5. mountaincub

    A Ford Family, We have four!

    Nice, When I worked at the Dealership we bought about 8 in 4years. Now that was including for the Son and My Mom
  6. mountaincub

    A Ford Family, We have four!

    Hi Rick here coming to you from the Beautiful Mountains of Western Maryland. Just picked up my Cactus Grey Outer Banks on 06/02. Absolutely Love It! WE own a 2019 Escape Titanium, a 2019 F150 XLT, and a 2021 Ecosport so as you can tell we're a Ford Family through and through. I Worked at a local...