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  1. Vyper

    General How To Maintenance Videos For Bronco Sport

    Yeah, that's not necessary. One of the first things I did with my FE was put a K&N in and I didn't disconnect anything; just loosen the clamp and pop the cover off.
  2. Vyper

    Interior Fuse Block Access.

    I got mine locally at Best Buy, but yes that is the one!
  3. Vyper

    Should you wait to drive in Sport Mode?

    I recently did some backroads country driving in sport mode - I only have 600 miles on my FE at this point. Let me tell you, it was a LOT of fun winding through farmland and up and down hills. The wife wasn't as enthusiastic but I had a great time :rockon::cool::crackup:
  4. Vyper

    Interior Camera - Driver Attention?

    That was my original thought but what triggers it? That's the mystery. ;)
  5. Vyper

    Interior Camera - Driver Attention?

    Ha! Thanks for being a guinea pig and testing it out. Makes sense that the lane tracking is what caused it to shut off. Or maybe I bumped the button 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Vyper

    Interior Camera - Driver Attention?

    Quick question. I was on a road trip in my FE last week and was enjoying life on the interstate in cruise control @ 75 MPH. I turned my head for a few moments to sneeze and to my surprise the cruise control turned off! This happened again when I found myself tipping my head back to get the very...
  7. Vyper

    How much would you sell your Bronco Sport for?

    I'd take $50k for my FE, but that's about it. Clears the note and gives me down for whatever I choose to buy instead.
  8. Vyper

    Anyone installed a dash cam in Bronco Sport yet?

    You definitely went an extra few steps compared to me. I just tucked it into the weather stripping on the body and left enough slack for the wire to go from the body to the glass on the tailgate. Yours looks great! PS excellent use of the built-in bottle opener for a job well done ;)
  9. Vyper


    My solution was a 5% tint above the AS1 line on the windshield paired with my prescription sunglasses 😁 Only time I really need the visor now is if I'm driving West during the golden hour. Hope you find some relief!
  10. Vyper

    Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    I had the same issue on mine after installing the smoke aeroskin. Rubbing alcohol did the trick and then after a touchless wash I can't even tell there was any. Hope that helps!
  11. Vyper

    Clever designs & features? 🤷‍♂️

    I 100% agree on the upper tray. Perfect for my plugged in S21 Ultra while using Android Auto. The bottom tray usually ends up holding my keys and/or wallet if I don't have them in my pocket. Wife is usually on her phone while I'm driving otherwise she could use the wireless pad. 🤣 instead it's...
  12. Vyper

    Any Complaints so far?

    I'm still only at around 400 miles on the odometer but I've gotten some highway driving in and am seeing 25+ in doing so. I'm much happier seeing those numbers. Tough part is I live right in the heavy shopping area of town so everything I need from stores is an extremely short city-only drive...
  13. Vyper

    Cold Air Induction

    I tossed a K&N filter in there and called it a day. Now if MagnaFlow will just release their catback...
  14. Vyper

    OB or BL?

    Oh wow, I stand corrected. Thank you for the education! The previous seats photographed are indeed the same as in my FE just different color.
  15. Vyper

    OB or BL?

    Same seats, different color. OB/FE just have "navy pier" whereas Badlands has the color in your pictures.
  16. Vyper

    OB or BL?

    I've lived in Wisconsin my entire life and our winters range every year from mild to absolutely brutal. I've had FWD vehicles since I turned 16 and have always had to drive especially careful and avoid driving when it's inconvenient. NO MORE! Bronco First Edition purchased! I initially test...
  17. Vyper

    Poll: How did you buy your Bronco Sport?

    Test drove a Big Bend on the dealer lot. Engine was disappointing. Looked at their inventory and saw the dealer-ordered FE in transit and jumped on it. Gave them a deposit and here we are :)
  18. Vyper

    Area 51 or Cyber orange?

    1a and 1b of color choices for me, but I am in love with my Area 51. It's such a great mix of gray and blue. I swear I've caught a little hint of green as well depending on the light.
  19. Vyper

    Any Broncos in Minnesota?

    That color looks darn good with the black accents, my 2nd choice after A51. I'm just not sure how it will match with the interior blue/Grey on the FE. Hope you love her!
  20. Vyper

    Willing to let it go...

    Not sure I could say no if somebody offered me $50k for my FE either, even with all the extras I've put in (factory accessories, window tint, and f+r dash cam).