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  1. Bronco Sport Prices Increasing Again For All Trims (+$395 Base, +$400 Outer Banks, +$540 Badlands)

    Ford dealer offered $30500 for our base model after 4k miles. Broncos and BS are a little crazy right now.
  2. 33k for Base models

    Sounds like I need to sell my base model
  3. Georgia BS Badlands Build Thread

    What is your opinion of the tuner after install?
  4. Future aftermarket mods/upgrades

    Rear tire carrier, skid plates, rock sliders, front and rear bumpers.
  5. All 2” and 1 1/4” level lift pre orders start shipping out next week.

    I am interested, but also curious how you've confirmed that any lift kit could be installed workout voiding any part of the warranty
  6. Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    I've been at 27-29 since 5 miles. Have 1600 on it now.
  7. L mode

    I can say on my base model L doesn't lock it into 1st gear. When going down a hill on the interstate it would just maintain engine braking and hold whatever gear would give me the right rpm.
  8. A simple tint makes a world of difference

    No. Powdercoat is a baked on coating.
  9. What did you pay for your base model out the door?

    We payed $31390 after taxes and fees for our base model.
  10. Rough Country Lighting Options for 2021 Bronco Sport

    Judging by the photo on RC site, they ran the wires down the passenger side of the roof rack to the back of the vehicle, not sure where they went from there.