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  1. Odd thumping noises from under the hood WELL after the vehicle has been turned off.

    Can you record the sounds? What I have noticed: After a drive. ~ 15 minutes later (just happened when I was out by the garage) I hear some hissing and what sounds like an actuator clicking a couple of times. This is up front, maybe it has to do with the DI pump.. But no banging or...
  2. Does Towing Package come with full-size spare tire?

    Our Outer Banks with Tow package has a 225/65-17 Spare, and it was 495 sticker price. I looked under the vehicle and the hitch is all one piece with what is the Bumper Beam. also note the rear Fascia (bumper plastic) is different from the non-tow packages.
  3. Spare tire Jack accessories missing?

    I noticed in the owners manual in the Scheduled Maintained it says to replace the Brake fluid every 3 years. I have never seen that called out for replacement in an owners manual ever. My 2016 Ford owners manual doesn't specify that schedule.
  4. Spare tire Jack accessories missing?

    Well Thanks! Glad I asked before bothering the dealer! I guess I am used to the extra jack bits being in the little pockets of the foam insert under the cover. I didn't realize that the handle is right there in the middle of the Jack. I ASSumed it was part of the jack mechanism lol. Tuff...
  5. Spare tire Jack accessories missing?

    Our Outer Banks is missing the accessories for the tire jack. There is the scissor jack, but not tools to turn it. Usually they give you the tire iron, and a piece to turn the screw on the scissor jack. Did other get these items? Thanks!