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  1. Waiting room

    The Bronco Sport That I ordered is still sitting in the dessert for the past 50, days waiting on the PCM module.
  2. Waiting room

    It was ordered on 3/26 and was pushed back 3 times until the production date of 6/10. and now it sits in the dessert with the scorpions.
  3. Waiting room

    Well I got a update on the Ford site today, Delivery is now 11/3/2021 So I bowed out. I bought a GMC Acadia AT4 Good luck to all those Hanging in there.
  4. Waiting room

    I also looked at a Highlander today, We are close on price, I am hold off a couple of days to see if anything changes for the good.
  5. Waiting room

    Well to those that are still waiting, Ford has upped the rebate to 1000.00 until sept
  6. BS ordered

    One thing is for sure, You will be waiting
  7. Waiting room

    Waiting to see what updates are coming, Also what new finance rates and rebates are coming after July 6. I did look at a Acadia on Sat. It was nice but the dealer liked it more than we did on the trade in price. We'll see what this week brings.
  8. Upset over missing engine cover!

    Is this omission for both the 1.5 and the 2.0
  9. Waiting room

    Has anyone else''s date on the bottom of the window sticker jump to 7/2 Something is moving
  10. Waiting room

    Ford told me yesterday that its built but waiting on a chip, with a delivery date between 10/25 and 10/31, Going tomorrow to look at a GMC Acadia.. There are no Explorer''s within 100 miles with any color I like or most of the equipment I wanted.
  11. Waiting room

    Well I joined the club, according to Ford Marketing my BS was built on 6/11 EST eta was 7/17 now went to 10/31
  12. AEROSKIN II deflectors are they worth it?

    What are the advantages of either model the smooth one or the raised one?
  13. Waiting room

    My ETA date just changed back to 7/17/2021 yesterday it was N/A I am really confused, its like playing ping pong.
  14. Waiting room

    Mine eta end date says 1990-01-01 I should have had it by now..
  15. Waiting room

    The date on the bottom of my window sticker changed again to 6/25 from 6//24. The dates are changing faster than the build..
  16. Waiting room

    I also joined that club went from 7/17 to N/A
  17. Waiting room

    Window sticker date changed by 1 day today and mine is built awaiting The RCM module also.
  18. Waiting room

    Worked when I changed browsers
  19. Waiting room

    Now Etis has denied me access