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  1. Jenma

    Sync 3.4 Build 21098

    Let's give credit where credit is due. This was first posted by DonD on thread "Keyless entry for all doors" . I just picked it up and passed it along.
  2. Jenma

    Keyless entry on all doors?

    Sync 3.4 Build 21098 is the other thread I posted your comment to. Don, you should check it out and see how many people are grateful.
  3. Jenma

    Sync 3.4 Build 21098

    I read the following on another forum: Hatch won't open with button DonD said: I think i finally solved this issue. I have been messing around with it for week trying different things, Last night i decided to...
  4. Jenma

    Keyless entry on all doors?

    Jumping Hell!!! It works. At least I tried it twice. Thank you so much. I would like to post this on another forum giving you credit.
  5. Jenma

    Sync 3.4 Build 21098

    The USB upgrade did not write the XML log file when it completed. I could not make the notification as instructed. So I guess FORD will know the next time they probe me. Current version in the display is correct.
  6. Jenma

    Sync 3.4 Build 21098

    Just upgraded from 20136 to 21098 via USB. Tail gate still will not open. I don't know what if anything this upgrade accomplished. The car indicates my wifi signal is excellent but it disconnects after a minute or so. The upgrade did not help this problem.
  7. Jenma

    Sync 3.4 Build 21098

    Please let us know if the rear hatch will unlock after the upgrade
  8. Jenma

    Door locking issue

    Does anyone have any information about this issue? I believe the hatch did open on my locked BS and now doesn't . The glass still will open on my locked sport. A new owner is complaining the hatch won't open so it seems like newly introduced feature.
  9. Jenma

    Lug Nuts

    I have installed the lug nuts from DP Products (link is above) and all is good. They are black steel lug nuts and the oem lug wrench works fine.
  10. Jenma

    Odd thumping noises from under the hood WELL after the vehicle has been turned off.

    That's why I connected a Battery Tender. No more worries about battery status. If you drive every day, I don't think you should be concerned.
  11. Jenma

    Tires way overinflated at delivery

    My dealer replaced the air with nitrogen but still overinflated. I didn't request this service but they did it with my Mustang when I took delivery also. OR maybe they just put nitrogen caps on the valve stem??
  12. Jenma

    Odometer reading going up real fast

    Ran a couple of short trips watching how the odometer compared to Google Maps and found it to be dead on. Will try a longer trip next week.
  13. Jenma

    Lug Nuts

    I just received this from DP Products. I had sent them a pic of the lug nut and the wheel. "We really appreciate you sending over the images and information. It looks like Ford is using the exact same lug nuts that they use on the Focus/Fusion/Escape and a few other vehicles which is pretty...
  14. Jenma

    Lug Nuts

    Aren't the MKZ M14 instead of M12?
  15. Jenma

    Lug Nuts

    I used lug nuts for my 2015 Mustang from DP Products. After a discussion re the Bronco I will be ordering lug nuts from them. I will let you know how things work out...
  16. Jenma

    Spotting other Bronco Sports

    I've had mine since January 8th and have yet to see another. Vancouver WA. This is Subaru country. All these ads make responding a problem.
  17. Jenma

    BS hood feels like it's going to fly out during car wash air dry part

    I watched specifically for hood flex in the car wash and saw none which surprised me. My other cars had hood and wipers movin. I've touched 90 mph multiple times with no hood movement at all. So it has to be adjustment.
  18. Jenma

    Battery Tender

    I answered my own question. Hooked up a 750 mA battery maintainer and after a couple hours the battery was at 13.1 volts. This is the same unit I have had on the Mustang 7x24 (except when I drive) for 6 years. Still the stock battery. I don't drive the Bronco every day so I will leave this...