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  1. Megakatx

    Hit the beach! BS Big Bend

    BB Psi 16, sand mode.... never slow down.... Keep a recovery board handy, and a shovel just in case.
  2. Megakatx


    Yes, they hate ours BS, in my Area 51, they have incontinence poop discharges....
  3. Megakatx

    Bronco Sport rolls 20-30 feet off trail, manages to protect occupants

    Here, parts of the rescue.... Bad ass BS, respect....
  4. Megakatx

    Bronco Sport Big Bend vs Subaru Forester?

    Was a special order indeed, not traceable from my end (but the dealers can), was about 25 days from built to got my keys...
  5. Megakatx

    Suspension Deep Dive - Bronco Sport Badlands

    2021 Ford Bronco Sport Suspension Deep Dive It happened on the trail, in parking lots, and at home in my own driveway. “Is this the new Bronco?” they’d ask while pointing at the word ‘BRONCO’ spelled out in big block...
  6. Megakatx

    Does anyone installed a PA already on their BS?

    Maybe something like this?
  7. Megakatx

    Freeman Park, NC

    Here is my BS, TurboKat.... No lift, no AT tires.
  8. Megakatx

    Decals added to Badlands

    This is TurboKat, BB, area 51
  9. Megakatx

    Big Bend Intelligent 4WD

    I used the L in downhill (smokey mountain) and worked just fine reducing a little the rpm and speed (using less brakes).
  10. Megakatx

    Update to Sync 3, version 3.4 Build 21020

    Umm maybe the the version, my BS is BB BB package and I run it over the wifi.
  11. Megakatx

    Rubberized seat backs

    Ask to your dealer for the back seat rubber... it's included... you don't need to pay for it...
  12. Megakatx

    Ford pass reward points

    You should have to go on site or call the service department (ford dealer) I not posible redeem it online as far I know.
  13. Megakatx

    Dull Black Trim

    This product always will make it black like new... I tested in my old CRV 2016 ....
  14. Megakatx

    phone connection

    Try to check if your sync 3 have updates and if that doesn't works... factory reset
  15. Megakatx

    Ford pass reward points

    As soon I used were removed from my account.. check again or get more stuff hahaha
  16. Megakatx

    phone connection

    Try to update your sync 3 software