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  1. WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Installed

    Comparing the OEM rubber ones in my BS and the photos of the WeatherTech ones, the (to me) biggest advantage of the WeatherTechs is the area covered below the throttle pedal. There's a horizontal ledge there that's not covered by the OEM mat. I like the look of the OEM better, but will likely...
  2. Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    Took a 10 day trip from Akron OH Wilmington NC and Myrtle Beach SC. 31 MPG (computer) on the interstate on the way down to halfway across VA. That was speed limit +10% and included mountains in WV and VA. Rest of the way was 80-85 mph max and MPG dropped to 29 mpg. Overall trip (1900 mi or so)...
  3. Oil change at what mileage / intervals?

    I am at 2231 and 78% remaining (about 10.6 K miles)
  4. New SYNC3 Version software update for Bronco Sport

    I was referring to the update since immediately after the update, the liftgate sensor no longer worked. In Sync, I think it's Vehicle/Locks/Intelligent Access.
  5. New SYNC3 Version software update for Bronco Sport

    There's two on the lift gate. One for the lift gate and one for the rear glass. They unlock when you have the key close enough and you push the latch button.
  6. Compliments!

    Took a 10 day trip from OH to NC and SC. Got back last weekend. I did not see any other BS on the road. Had several conversations with folks wanting to check it out. Half the crew of one car wash, too.
  7. New SYNC3 Version software update for Bronco Sport

    Had the appt Wed and the problem was resolved. Essentially, disable the lock sensors all around in the Sync settings. Then re-enable them. Lift gate unlock sensor now works. Apparently, the update disabled the sensor, but the Sync3 thought it was enabled.
  8. New SYNC3 Version software update for Bronco Sport

    Could be. OB has a different IP display. On the other hand, I did the update via download to USB stick. Same Synch4 build for my 2019 F-150. They want to put the scanner on it. Appt set for week after next, after we get back from our Carolinas trip.
  9. New SYNC3 Version software update for Bronco Sport

    Had a follow-up call with the sales manager today. I mentioned this and he said he was going to talk to an engineer about some other owner's repair order (dunno what model vehicle) and said he mention this. I told him all my steps for the Synch3 upgrade. He mentioned bringing it in for the techs...
  10. Compliments!

    I've done several walk-arounds after coming out of a store or movie theater. One was a couple that had just bought a Lexus NX or RX (I don't remember) for her and I saw the buyer's remorse in her eyes. They had not heard of the BS. I offered condolences.
  11. Snorkel available for Bronco Sport?

    You're gonna need more than a snorkel.
  12. Real World Gas Mileage Math?

    We are leaving for our longest driving trip in several years in two days. NE Ohio to Wilmington, NC and then Myrtle Beach, SC for 10 days. Going to do hand calculated MPG using 89 octane fuel. Starting off with 6 gal of 83 octane in the tank. Back Apr 3. I've been getting 31 MPG and change on...
  13. So what would you change?

    We just use the Synch3 as Bluetooth speakers. Mrs loves the sound (OB -, so no B&O speakers). We use Tidal on our phones. We have the AT&T LTE and a Sprint/T-Mobile OBD LTE dongle (migrated that from our Jeep), and the phone 5G/LTE Sprint/T-Mobile in our phones. No coverage issues. Once in a...
  14. Need a TOP SHOT / picture of a Sport Hood

    I'll get one in the AM. Dark here now.
  15. Need quick favor - Show me heated steering wheel?

    Just skimmed the thread, so if this a duplicate, my apologies. I tried this out the other day (20-something and no gloves). I did not looke closely at teh buttons and assumed (yeah, I know...) the steering wheel worked like the wiper de-icer heater (active when rear window heater is on). Drove...
  16. What are people attaching to their molle straps?

    Don't rule out carabiners. They can be useful for a run to the grocery store as bag hangers. Really, you need to think more in terms of what do you want access to, especially if you have a passenger who can get to stuff on molle bags while you're driving. Once you decide on that, finding the...
  17. Whats your BS's name and why

    We just kinda sing-song "Bronco, Bronco, Broooon-CO!" My lovely wife calls be "Bronco Man" and call her "Bronco Gal" Honestly, I looked at them at first because she had a Bronco II way back when and loved it.
  18. Paint film, windshield film and Ceramic Coating

    I got the WeatherTech PPF kit. I plan on installing it tomorrow, if it's warm enough. If not, I'll take it on our trip to NC and SC later this week and install it "on the road". I did some reading of installation instructions for other brands of PPF. It was helpful to me to understand the whats...
  19. New SYNC3 Version software update for Bronco Sport

    After updating the Sync3 on our BS OB to 3.4 build 20282, the unlock sensor on the liftgate no longer works. The rear glass sensor still unlocks.