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    Any body else?

    A couple of Lucas classics
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    Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Was scanning the order list looking at order dates in May/June around my order date. I came across a Badlands with an order date of 6/15/2021.....How is that possible?
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    Any body else?

    AHHH......Lucas, Prince of Darkness, know it well.
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    Shipping Delays?

    That would seem to be correct, my order was May 21 , my order number on the dealer sheet is 0521.
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    Waiting room

    Via the Ford e-mail, clicking on their Window Sticker link gives me a 404 error not found. SM05 reminded me that if you append your VIN to end of the link below and hit enter, if you have a window sticker made, it will show up! I...
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    Waiting room

    I had to ask the dealer for the VIN. As far as I can tell your need the VIN and order number to see the sticker.
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    Bronco Sport will get new Refresh95 Cabin Air Filter in the Fall

    Another way for Ford to part you with your money. Last time my F150 was in for a recall they gave me a big list of "required immediate attention" items. One was the cabin air filter. It was obvious they never really checked it since I had just replaced it. They wanted $80 to put a new one in. I...
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    Waiting room

    First is your order date, next is Ford accepts the order, then you are given a scheduled build week(not day), subject to change depending on available parts and what you ordered. Some time approx. 1-2 weeks before actual build day you should get the VIN number , window sticker and the vehicle...
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    'Used' 2021 Ford Broncos listed for over $100,000

    AHHH, The Look, I get that all the time, it can be frighting.
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    Lit up like a Christmas Tree

    Don't disconnect the battery before the dealer gets to pull the trouble codes, let him see what happened . It will be tough to troubleshoot if the codes are gone , depending on what happened disconnecting the battery my clear some or all important codes.
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    Ford ESP: Good choice or Boondoggle?

    See post #4 above. I bought the top of the line Ford ESP, opted for $0 deductible, key replacement, lighting and first day car rental. The repair cost me exactly $0. I will be getting the same plan on the Bronco sport when it arrives next month. It only takes one "Oh Shit" for this ESP to pay...
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    Waiting room

    Keep positive thoughts, even 10 is better than 19. The only one I have ever seen that got moved to priority 1 was an F150 that got totaled in shipment. That was part of a large fleet order.
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    Waiting room

    Any codes less than 10 can't be done at the dealer level, that change has to come from much higher at the corporate level, regional manager or above. Somebody up there must like you, it's very rare. Congrats, go to the head of the class (or list as the case may be).
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    Waiting room

    We are not alone in the wait.
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    EVAP Leak

    Seems like a pretty bogus set up for a vehicle Ford is advertising as off road ready, every ad I see shows the Bronco Sport blasting down some deep rutted trail loaded with big rock just waiting to rip something off the bottom. Wonder how many of those Bronco Sports in the commercials had to be...
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    Waiting room

    Means you're still on schedule for the build week you were given, at this point, I got the same message about a week and a half before my scheduled week and was actually built 3 days into the scheduled week. Can never be 100% sure until there is a check mark in the built circle and it moves to...
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    Touch Screen black outs

    My guess is there is a problem with the APIM (accessory protocol interface module). This module is sort of the traffic cop for what you see displayed/controlled on the center screen. I had one fail in my F150. The dealer first blamed it on my ipod plugged into the USB port and sent me on my...
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    Waiting room

    This link was posted on the forum a while ago but might provide some answers for those people with recent orders that haven't seen it before. It's good insight on what's "supposed "to happen and when. Ford Vehicle Ordering & Scheduling Process - Ford Motor Company Discussion Forum - Blue Oval Forums
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    Waiting room

    I thought an OB with OB package ordered before 4-15 didn't have a no moonroof option. What is the order code for the OB package on your dealer sheet? What was the price of the OB package? Does it show no monnroof on window sticker? I stand corrected, I just looked it up on the dealer order sheet...
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    Waiting room

    It took several hours after I got the "in production " notification before the window sticker actually appeared. The word from my dealer was the "in Production" is when the order is sent to the plant. I got the in production email while the plant was shutdown , it was 3 weeks before from my...