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  1. johnardsg

    Anyone have any idea why?

    tried what the manual said, didnt work…seems like BB only has auto window down but not up
  2. johnardsg

    Spider No Drill Roof Rack - low profile

    Very nice…i want one just for the looks then i will buy something to put on it, maybe a roof tent etc. Do you have link how to buy? Thanks
  3. johnardsg

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Today my BB and I took pictures of the classic bronco2 while driving.
  4. johnardsg

    Friendly reminder about lane control

    2ways: 1. Small button right at the end of the turn signal thingy (permanent) 2. on the console, select driver assist and then lane keeping, you will be able to turn it on or off and other settings like assist, aid or both.
  5. johnardsg

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Looks really nice :) I bought a wax but the wrong one, the once a year polish, it stains on the plastic trims… will get the last coat and try it this week
  6. johnardsg

    On this episode of, "Is this noise normal?"...

    Too far to gallop here in PNW, horseys end up in the shops due to fatigue…joking aside i suggest using sport mode so BS can go high rpm/gear quickly, in normal mode you run into more chances of hitting the 3rd gear 1500rpm noise plus theres not enough torque with the normal mode with the 1.5L...
  7. johnardsg

    Steel or aluminum wheels?

    Can you buy steelies like the ones you see on the ford interceptor suv/cars (police cars)? I parked beside one and i think it looks really neat
  8. johnardsg

    On this episode of, "Is this noise normal?"...

    Ahh up in gresham…well mine makes that transmission noise only when engine has been running a while and when slowing down and coasting below 30mph during the break in period…im waiting for a proper fix from ford as mine i can ignore by quickly going up in gear and rpm…also after 3000+ miles it...
  9. johnardsg

    On this episode of, "Is this noise normal?"...

    Hi Nancy, good morning. I see youre from OR too, can you tell me which dealership you took in your BS for repair? Thanks
  10. johnardsg

    Bronco’s arrived in my town today.

    Nice :), that big bronco needs some wider tires/shoes
  11. johnardsg

    onboard nav kinda sucks, right?

    It would be cool if pre-collision assist has an extra feature that slows the car when it detects a highway trooper or any patrol when you're ""accidentally"" heavy on the accelerator Screen would flash: "Slowing down, traffic ticket detected"
  12. johnardsg

    time to feed your horsey

    Because costco is nowhere near the area and i need to save 30cents per gallon :)
  13. johnardsg

    Westcoast roadtrip

    In your last leg/stretch, coeur d alene and spokane are nice old cities to stop by :)
  14. johnardsg

    Brake Squeak

    Thats just unacceptable :( Have you tried disabling the brake assist?
  15. johnardsg

    Pre Collision system is not working

    mine did this the other day and i wasnt happy about it:mad: Was moving at 20-25mph in an intersection from a stop and then suddenly the precollision assist detected a moving bike (at the bike lane)from my right and applied the brakes full force. Cars behind me started honking caused we stopped...
  16. johnardsg

    extended uphill + downshift

    update about this, after 3000miles, did an oil change and then drove the same highway/hills going to the coast and I can definitely say that our BS BB has no more problem accelerating and passing cars easily at 60-70mph uphill. Engine feels really smooth now, hope others see differences on...
  17. johnardsg

    instrument cluster symbol

    Also Also, that icon changes if you use lane assist or lane assist+lane keeping instead of just lane keeping
  18. johnardsg

    Transmission - stuck in too high of an automatic gear at 40mph?

    @Tlmbigos If the sport mode still doesnt help, then might want to have dealer check it…i had my chevy last time recalled due to some wrong computer programming where there is no power/torque coming from a stop to green, my car would crawl thru the intersection and i was like “wtf is going...