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  1. moserp624

    Post your crossbar/basket/rack combo photos!

    Love the low profile crossbar. What's the part number that fits? Looking on Yakima website they all say incompatible with the BS.
  2. moserp624

    Crossbar and Basket Off Brand Quality Difference ?

    I'm looking to purchase a crossbar set and Basket for extra cargo capability. Off brand sets appear to have similar specs and are significantly cheaper. Typically paying more will yield some level of product quality difference and I understand it's better to purchase one set that will last...
  3. moserp624

    Mode for GOAT on startup?

    It does start in normal. No indication in the instrument cluster that I can remember, but the manual says it should and every time I start the car it is in normal.
  4. moserp624

    PSA: Coffee / Liquid Spill Shorts Out Gear Indicator

    Plexiglass cover for your shifter? Easy mod.
  5. moserp624

    PSA: Coffee / Liquid Spill Shorts Out Gear Indicator

    Ensure you report this to Ford in some way/shape/form. If it is a real problem for the overall model then they've got things to fix. Honestly though it sounds more like a fluke. As others have said, this shifter is used elsewhere already and I'm sure your not the first person to spill...
  6. moserp624

    What is the Bronco Sport's turning radius?

    37.4 ft is the turning circle. Good tech spec reference. Saving you the basic math, the turning radius is therefore 18.7 ft.
  7. moserp624

    So Jeep has the ducks.....

    Horse ducks? Approx $1 per.
  8. moserp624

    Bronco Sport Outer Banks Review #2 On The Outer Banks of NC Today

    Did the low tire indication ever go away once you were driving? Or did/would you have to reset your TPMS? Does the "Sand" GOAT mode recognize that tire pressure should be lower than normal?
  9. moserp624

    First Issue w/ FE Bronco Sport - Infant Car seat!

    I installed my car seats (plural) and compared to our other car (Mazda CX-5) it feels about the same. Maybe a little less room due to the pitch of the seats as others have mentioned. The car seats appear to fit fine with room for the kids and front passenger. I am 5'7" and sat in the passenger...
  10. moserp624

    On this episode of, "Is this noise normal?"...

    For anyone that has this grinding (transmission?) noise, was the noise always there from the first time you picked up from the dealer - OR - Did it start after driving the for a while at random mileage? I've had mine a few weeks now and have not heard the same noise yet thankfully. However...
  11. moserp624

    First Issue w/ FE Bronco Sport - Infant Car seat!

    Will be installing my car seats this weekend for my kids. If its cramped I'll let you know. Hopefully we don't come across the same issue. Car seats are stupidly large though.
  12. moserp624

    Retrofit CoPilot 360 Assist + Possible?

    Absolutely agree with the fact that doing this in my own garage would be voiding warranty. Additionally due to the software integration I definitely don't think this could be done without Ford involvement. I'd imagine it would have to be done with a Ford certified installer. I am really looking...
  13. moserp624

    Retrofit CoPilot 360 Assist + Possible?

    Thanks for the responses. Definitely didn't think it would be a simple upgrade anyway. Maybe something down the road to do with enough time, money, planning, and research. But the BS is also the most advanced car technologically I've ever owned. So I don't need all the bells and whistles...
  14. moserp624

    Retrofit CoPilot 360 Assist + Possible?

    Is it possible to retrofit Ford CoPilot 360 Assist+? Is it just a software upgrade/unlock OR do additional sensors have to be installed as well?