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  1. Bronco Sport Lightning EV Renderings

    I feel like the headlights on the sports (circular) bring a certain throw back charm to the vehicle.
  2. Badlands in Badlands

    I second that, on how you keep it clean. I did optimum no rinse car wash in the garage, 5 minutes after pulling it out in the drive way it (black color) looked dirty again.
  3. Just checkin' in

    Great pictures, bronco looks awesome
  4. Sport Storage Solution

    I feel like you should sell this idea to ford for millions ...and millions of dollars.
  5. Just added Tints & Awning

    Looks really good sonnn
  6. Bronco Sport Badlands—GA dealership

    Whole situation seems fishy, I would have walked. "Gut feeling'
  7. Project O'Bronco

    Every picture of cyber orange looks so different. It looks so yellow in your pictures.
  8. Looks like the delay will get worse

    Not looking good for the other bronco.
  9. Bronco Sport on PBS Motorweek this week

    Set it to record,thanks for the heads up
  10. Hello from the Dadlands

    It truly does look small on the outside, but once inside it and driving it seems so much bigger
  11. What rail line is used for East Coast shipping of BS

    My bronco showed pending in the palsapp all the way even after dealer said it was delivered in Pennsylvania. Showed it was pending to New Castle, Delaware
  12. Mileage upon delivery

    Mine had 6 miles
  13. phone connection

    My pixel 4 xl works flawlessly. I did have to reboot phone to get Android auto to connect the first time. Try restarting phone and deleting profile off bronco and having it find your phone again.
  14. Rain sensing wipers? Heated Mirrors?

    New vehicles are so confusing, maybe I'm getting old.
  15. Radio

    I like the playlist. I will have to give it a listen. Maybe not full blast, but I might get wild and turn it up past 9.
  16. Radio

    What is the loudest you allow yourself to turn up the radio in your new ride?
  17. Wyoming arrival

    Tires and rims look so good, starting to feel like I should have went with them
  18. Any update on ability to place Badlands with Badlands package order?

    I think the pandemic has really put a squeeze on a lot of the components.
  19. Delaware Where Ya At??

    Wow! That much over what a rip off! Always hear commercials on the radio for Bob Ruth.
  20. Delaware Where Ya At??

    Why did you choose to order from dillsburg if you are in delaware? Bob Ruth Ford?