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    Thank you i found them!!! Universal Roof Cross Bars Set of 2 (
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    Hi all I came across this roof rack they are asking $275.00 firm My question is, is it worth it? Does anyone have this type of roof rack ?
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    Post your crossbar/basket/rack combo photos!

    i came across a 54x36" roof rack for $100 obo has anyone installed one with these measurements?
  4. ShadowHunter

    Ford Hood Scoop and Rear Spoiler installed

    Nice!!!!!!!! ty for shearing
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    Cargo area light

    that is a tie down hook.
  6. ShadowHunter

    110 V Outlet Add

    My BS Badlands came with one from the factory located in the back cargo area 👍
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    Does Outer Banks have rubberized floor?

    As far as I know ONLY the badlands came with rubber floors I might be wrong but that’s what I have read
  8. ShadowHunter

    Anyone find any good seat covers?

    From autozone with a 20$ off coupon I paid 21$
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    Show me your dogs!!

    My mini Wire Haired Dachshund “Lucas”
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    New Wheels - Should I swap for original TPMS or buy new ones?

    I did that on my F150 and it was not a problem at all to get them switched over.
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    Post your crossbar/basket/rack combo photos!

    BADLANDS????? I was there last week!!!!! Great Pic.
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    Awesome Camping Video

    Not my video, but I came across this on YouTube and though I'd share it.