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  1. Anyone making a cattle guard?

    Fordbroncolifts. com has one looks good. don't have to remove front bumper to install. Mounts to tow hook mounts. Only thing is i don't know if you can get yow hooks off without removing bumper.
  2. WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Installed

    OEM a lot easier to clean weather tech are a bear to clean after a while and never seem to look as good as the OEM.
  3. Delivered with missing parts?

    Most 2020 Rangers stopped coming with covers. Then only Lariats had them.
  4. Bronco Sport - Removal/Factor Roof Crossbars

    There just clamped on with screws from the top you should be able to see the screws easily. Mine came with the tool to attach or remove in your case the screws.
  5. Roof Rail Cross Bars Backordered?

    Mine came in about same time they just had to find them. The parts guys just find them where at a different location.
  6. Tow hooks

    Can they be removed without removing bumper .Want to install Ford ranger lifts nudge bar. Which doesn't involve removing bumper mounts to mounting brackets for tow hooks
  7. How to remove front bumper!

    Can you take tow hooks off without removing bumper ?
  8. Update to Sync 3, version 3.4 Build 21020

    Only change I saw was to audio screen layout
  9. Update to Sync 3, version 3.4 Build 21020 You can do it on the Ford Support site here.
  10. Rough Country nudge bar installed
  11. Rough Country nudge bar installed

    Can you get hooks off without removing bumper ? Another brand nudge bar install does not require bumper removal mounts to tow hook mounting points
  12. First Edition - Cross Racks?

    n Just went through that with mine. Check with parts guy if your salesman can't figure it out. There shipped separately from vehicle but have your Vin on package. Parts guy found them at another location other than dealer. Has them in a couple days. Just picked them up didn't want to wait and...
  13. FordRangerlifts Nudge Bar

    Anyone look into this bar or have one. Looks pretty good and I was told bumper does not have to be removed attaches to tow hook mounts.
  14. Any ideas on back bumper protection?

    Weatherteck makes two sizes of steps look on there site.
  15. FIRST EDITION Thread

    What do you use on your FE decals to keep them from getting wax marks on them. Is there any wax that's safe to go over them without leaving wax marks?
  16. Can you plug a thumb drive into a USB port and play music from it?

    Yes you can when yo insert it it appears on choices for radio inputs.
  17. Thank goodness for this forum

    Getting mine in Jersey to. my first BL + BL was dealer ordered on the way and also went into twilight zone then really disappeared no more vin # gone from tracking sites. Dealer said went into some Ford program GONE !!!. They offered me an FE someone backed out of picking it up tomorrow...
  18. Has anyone researched where the trains unload bs ?

    Is the date at bottom of window sticker the supposed delivery date mine is three days ago now does that mean its here ?????
  19. Am I being played?

    My BL + BL also disappeared while in transit got to State no more than a few hours away and Vin vanished and not on any search. Dealer telling me Ford did something with it in some sort of program. It was dealer ordered for inventory. Someone backed out of there FE order so there letting me take...
  20. Production delays??

    If your where tracking it before and it was finding it and now it's not mine did that when it got to the state i'm getting it from dealer said it was close. Has been a week should be any day now, I hope.