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  1. 1.5l Bronco Sport in the sand?

    Ordered mine from tire rack and had Pep Boys install them. I went with black lettering showing and white letters turned inside. No, lift kit on mine just standard height. Thought, about lifting but since I have bigger bronco on order I’ll use that for higher clearance off roading...
  2. 1.5l Bronco Sport in the sand?

    No issues driving over deep soft sand on TX coast. Had the continentals at stock psi but have upgraded to KO2 tires since then. I thought it performed better than gen 2 Raptor in the same sand environment. My guess was the lighter weight of the BS easily cut thru that sand.
  3. WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Installed

    Didn’t realize I covered the accelerator pedal when I installed the weather techs. When I turned on a few hours later the rpm’s went crazy cause the weather techs had the pedal to the floor. Silly mistake but dangerous.
  4. Off Road - Goose Lake Trail, Red River, NM

    I have that size KO2 on Big Bend with stock ride height and have not had any rubbing issues. I constantly have to go off road for work with inclines and side degrees with no issues yet. Loaded cargo area with 900lbs today which brought the rear down but not rubbing during transportation. PSI...