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  1. Osco

    Seat Covers

    I'd sure like an update as I want seat covers.....
  2. Osco

    Gas Gauge?!??

    I consider mine empty when it hits the 1/4 mark because I climb steep hills. Don't want the fuel sloshing back, Cavitation of the fuel pump is not wise. Besides most all vehicles have the fuel pump inside the gas tank and it's liquid cooled,, by the fuel. I don't often let it fall below a half...
  3. Osco

    Bronco Sport will get new Refresh95 Cabin Air Filter in the Fall

    Yep and I have a healthy Immune system why ? Because I exercise it !
  4. Osco

    Bronco Sport will get new Refresh95 Cabin Air Filter in the Fall

    I was never injured by a road kill smell, skunk or not. But always got to enjoy that musky oder even with recirculated air on. I doubt a 2.5 micron filter will help anyone escape that wonderful encounter. Fwiw, Glove box door unlocked and dropped down in 3.5 seconds, Filter door opened in 2.7...
  5. Osco

    Ford to Move Unfinished Vehicles to Dealer Lots to Finish Later

    The I gotta have it now crowd and over pay people deserve what comes. Your right but I'm more concerned with the bulk of the buying public needing a good deal on a good vehicle, the smarter shoppers. If they don't pony up Ford could be in real trouble.
  6. Osco

    Ford to Move Unfinished Vehicles to Dealer Lots to Finish Later

    Ok so I'm waiting for my 2021 Bronco Sport or F-150 or Mav and it's time for the 2022's. A year old vehicle drops in value several thousand dollars. What will I do ? Tell Ford I'll buy the 2021 for three grand less or hold out for the 2022. This could cripple Ford. Could kill the company...
  7. Osco

    WeatherTech Sunshade vs Ford Sunscreen

    My Ford sun screen is padded on the back. This keeps me from scuffing the dash and info screen frame everytime I install it. I use it every day so I often just fold it and lay it on top of the bag in the back seat. Your Bronco sports deserve factory parts and accessories. Don't Walmart your...
  8. Osco

    Any Ford Reps Out There??

    So so glad I bought off the lot. Because of all this I will never special order a vehicle. The package toys are cool don't get me wrong. But I'm completely happy with my BASE model, It serves me just fine. 7,300 miles now and have been enjoying my baby Bronco for seven months. The new feeling...
  9. Osco

    Bronco Sport Lightning EV Renderings

    Makes the sport look cheap.
  10. Osco

    First sight of Big Bronco in person

    Yeah I to don't need that capability level. I am completely happy with my sub $30,000 Advanced AWD Bronco Sport Base with it's 27 mpg average. If I did decide to spend full size Bronc money I'd get a 4x4 Ranger pickup.
  11. Osco

    PSA: Coffee / Liquid Spill Shorts Out Gear Indicator

    My sister n law dropped her cell phone in her big glass of iced tea once, it submerged itself. She yanked it out and it was a dead dog. She put in on a towel on a table on the porch and went to work. Came home and it was fine. Worked from then on....
  12. Osco

    Black exhaust tips options?

    I'd crush those backing up to curbs and I actually have needed and used my max departure angle a few times already. They are not for me. Look great tho....
  13. Osco

    WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Installed

    With my points and bit of extra coin from me, my base model got the reasonably priced mud flaps. They work fine btw, dealer Installed. The factory floor Matt's and the rear deck mat to protect all that carpet. Bucking Bronco's in the right places and no unsponsored UNPAID advertising from...
  14. Osco

    WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Installed

    Funny, I just cleaned mine for the first time. With simple green, they turned white but when the lettering is grey they still look fine.
  15. Osco

    WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Installed

    It's just my thing. OEM may cost more but I like my stuff to be all factory. Over all I get a better fit and quality. The main thing that's my thing is The factory look and logo on everything. But that's just me. To each his/her own.
  16. Osco

    WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Installed

    I have the single in my Escape. I find it harder to remove and clean. My two part rear mat in my Bronco solves that and works fine. I let the hump flap fit under the right side rear as it was designed. It lets in no noticable dirt. Plus it looks way better..
  17. Osco

    Ford Hood Scoop and Rear Spoiler installed

    My stock hood does not vibrate at all..
  18. Osco

    WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Installed

    My OEM sez Bronco Sport not Weather tech. Looks like mine fit better, tighter. I like mine better :,P
  19. Osco

    Brake Squeak

    Cool Porsche video. Once again my Base model Is an oddity. Not once have I ever had any brake squeal. Starting my 7th month of ownership I'm @ 6,900 miles now..... After washing my Bronc and letting it sit a day or two I can see surface rust all over the rotors. When I first start down my...
  20. Osco

    Continental Terraincontact AT Tires?

    Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 for me because I've already got this one on my 2004 AWD Escape and they give me all I want. Quiet, Great handling, Traction in all the conditions I encounter in my mountains, No mpg penalty over the previous all season tires, Very affordable @ $140 each out the door...