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  1. whithutch511

    Bronco Off-Rodeo Texas

    Anyone going to Bronco Off-Rodeo Texas this weekend? I'll be there the 3rd and 4th!
  2. whithutch511

    Ready for the lake!

    I actually just go these from Ford accessories. It is the Thule HD cross bars. If you want to go through Thule they are called the wing bar evo 135
  3. whithutch511

    Ready for the lake!

    Thule HD cross bars and Thule Hullavator installed now ready to go find water
  4. whithutch511

    Anyone install Body Side Moulding?

    I have this exactly same problem! The dealer ordered new badges and is going to replace them when they put the moldings on. Where did you put your badge?
  5. whithutch511

    B&O Sound System Review?

    Came here to say this. If you switch it from stereo to surround and it is amazing. I was not super impressed with it when I first sat down but as soon as I found that setting it has been great. I no longer have a need to upgrade.
  6. whithutch511

    Badlands Badging Removed

    My dealer is about to do the same thing to mine. Apparently the factory put them on about 1/4 inch too low so the side modelings by Air Design would actually cover up the bottom quarter. They were able to order more stickers through parts so they are going to take off the current ones, put on...
  7. whithutch511

    Mileage upon delivery

    I also passed 1000 today! Still by far the best car I’ve ever had. I have been so happy for all 996 of those miles.
  8. whithutch511

    Mileage upon delivery

    Mine had 4 because the dealer took it to put a full tank of gas in it. Paperwork said 3.2 when it came off the truck
  9. whithutch511

    Show me your dogs!!

    My adventure buddy is loving the new car as much as I am!
  10. whithutch511

    Splash guards and seat covers

    Seat covers look really nice! Is that a This Worx car vacuum I spy in your seat? How do you like it? I have been tempted to pick one up
  11. whithutch511

    Anyone able to purchase the Bronco rubber floormats?

    oh wow, yeah these look great. I might try using my ford points for them also
  12. whithutch511

    X-Plan Revisited

    I also used x-plan with no issue. I get x-plan through my work. I picked my Bronco up on Thursday then got a call today that they needed proof that I worked for my company as apparently a bunch of people are incorrectly using x-plan codes. Sent them a pic of my business card and all was good.
  13. whithutch511

    Here she is !!! Bronco sport badlands

    Congrats! Looks amazing. That is an amazing background also!
  14. whithutch511

    Any other Ford Accessories coming?

    My ford dealer offered the leveling kit that give a 1" lift when I picked mine up. They promised (I made them put it in writing) that it would not void the warranty and was fully covered by the extended warranty I got. I stupidly forgot to ask them what kind it was but it seemed to be the one...
  15. whithutch511

    Waiting room

    Welp, I made it out of the waiting room today. I feel all of your pain. Believe it or not there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is absolutely wonderful. Stay strong friends!
  16. whithutch511

    Waiting room

    Thank y'all. I called them out on it. We will see what they say.
  17. whithutch511

    Waiting room

    So my dealer just told me that they did not know what rail car my bronco was on. Quote from them "We choose not to received that information to help protect our incoming Inventory." I know there are a couple of ford employees in this thread. Has anyone heard of this? My understanding was it...
  18. whithutch511

    Interior Accent Color on BL + BL

    Question for those of y'all with the BL + BL. What would you say the color of the inside accent color is, like the color around the door handles and the slot under the screen? I have look at so many different pictures and I can't tell if it is more of a bright orange, dull copper or what. This...
  19. whithutch511

    Body side molding anyone?

    I love these so much. This is going to be the first accessory I buy. They are essentially free right now with the $500 accessory case bonus
  20. whithutch511

    Rough Country nudge bar installed

    This looks fantastic. How hard was it to get the bumper off and back on. I am seriously considering doing this exact same thing but have no experience working on cars other than replacing head and tail lights