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  1. NMhunter

    Wheel Weight

    Is the diameter the same on the new tires? Running larger diameter tires means you're going further on each rotation, but the computer is still using the old measurement. That will mean you're also going faster than your speedometer indicates.
  2. NMhunter

    Jacking rear of vehicle from hitch receiver mount?

    I once used a Hi-lift jack to change a tire on my truck. It fell off the jack once I had the tire off. I was young.
  3. NMhunter

    Hood Scoop Recall

    My friend's Toyota Tacoma came with a hood scoop. Just for looks. Off road, it blocks your view of the road in front of you. My friend complains about it every time we go off road. Classic case of form over function.
  4. NMhunter

    Things you like or were surprised to find on your Bronco Sport

    I love the off road capability of the Sport. I believe it is better than my old Jeep Liberty. I've added a lift and skid plates, and will add taller tires once these wear out. I really like the gas mileage. I typically get over 26 mpg in town. I drove 100 miles yesterday where highest...
  5. NMhunter

    12 volt battery charge state detection recall coming out.

    My F-250 sits most of the time, so I have a solar panel on the dash with a charge controller plugged into the cigarette lighter. It always starts right up. The more you store your battery at 100%, and the faster you recharge it after running it down, the longer it lasts. Amazon sells dash...
  6. NMhunter

    Short Gas Pedal?

    My foot has slipped off the pedal a few times, and it caused a slight panic thinking my Sport had died. It does seem like the pedal should be closer to the floor. Maybe it is designed for aftermarket floor mats.
  7. NMhunter


    He deserved the death penalty back in 1995. The murder rate went way up when the courts decided to eliminate it.
  8. NMhunter

    Grab handles

    I suspect you could screw some sort of hook into the area where the handle would go, or you could go crazy and order a grab handle and just install it.
  9. NMhunter

    Questions about Battery Tender

    We are blessed with sunshine here in NM.
  10. NMhunter

    Questions about Battery Tender

    If you're inside, a battery tender works great. If you're outdoors, a solar panel makes more sense. My F-250 has two batteries and sits a lot, so I went with a 20 watt panel and charge controller. With the small 1/2 amp panels that plug into the cigarette lighter, no charge controller is...
  11. NMhunter

    What did you Name your Bronco Sport?

    After 17 years of owning a Jeep Liberty, I still call mine "the Jeep" about 1/2 the time. While elk hunting, a Game & Fish Officerr stopped by camp and asked my friend "who owns that pretty car. a birdwatcher? Now my friend calls it the Bluebird. I just got the HRG lift put on it on...
  12. NMhunter

    Badlands Car Camp Rig (Inspired Overland RTT)

    Those Power Stations are the easy button, but they are way overpriced. You can by a Lithium Ion 100 watt battery for around $250, a 100 watt solar panel for under $100, and a charge controller for around $30. Use Hopkins 2-Flat Trailer Electrical Connectors to plug it all together. I run...
  13. NMhunter

    Portable water heater?

    When I camp in the cold, I take my canvas tent with a stove jack and a wood stove. I highly recommend Springbar tents. That is what the trailer is for. I also have sleeping bag that is good down to 20° below zero. I have confirmed that. I've also used one bag inside another to achieve extra...
  14. NMhunter

    New shoes

    The change from 235/65R17 to 235/70R17 makes no difference in width, but adds an inch to the diameter. The extra rubber will soften the ride but hurt your gas mileage a little. Well worth it in my opinion, plus you get 1/2" lift.
  15. NMhunter

    Towing with the Bronco

    My guess is that they mean tongue weight when they are talking about the weight in the vehicle. I believe my badlands is only rated for 220 lb. tongue weight. For a trailer to track without sway, you need at least 10% of the trailer weight on the tongue. Depending on how the trailer is...
  16. NMhunter

    Bronco sport two door+manual

    Well, maybe with all the battery issues these vehicles have a manual would make sense. We used to park our truck facing downhill, so if the battery was dead, we could push start it. I'm guessing these BSs wouldn't start that way even with a manual transmission. The big advantage of manual...
  17. NMhunter

    Bronco sport two door+manual

    The only time I liked a manual transmission was granny gear going downhill so I didn't ride the brakes. Most of my driving is on pavement, so I won't ever own a manual again. I got stuck in a big mud hole once because I went into it in too high a gear. If I'd had an automatic, I would have...
  18. NMhunter

    Sport Driving Mode Question?

    Loved that story BBBS$Les. I use Sport mode in the winter when I have a short drive to visit my grandkids and the drive isn't long enough to properly warm up the engine in cold weather. Putting it in Sport mode warms it up quickly. I usually drive in ECO mode, and when I tromp on the...
  19. NMhunter

    Turbocharger failure

    After sitting, did the power come back? My Jeep LIberty had the turbo replaced under warranty. A couple of years later it happened again. Serious loss of power, and I was pulling an aluminum bass boat. I could hardly get it up to highway speed, and it took forever when it did. I ordered a...
  20. NMhunter

    An interesting test of BS vs. Compass - traction

    With the price of gas, I drive in ECO mode most of the time. Off road, gas mileage stinks. I do with the Sport had a bigger gas tank.