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  1. strckerie

    Gotcha Day

    Today is 1 year since we purchased our 2021 BS BB. We are the 2nd owner, since the first owner turned it in on one in their more favored Eruption Green. We now have 15,600 miles on our BS. Yes, we had the rear backup noise corrected, the injector issue addressed, a windshield replaced....most of...
  2. strckerie

    New 2021 Big Bend owner

    Long time Ford owner here. 1984 purchased a Bronco II that I had for 12 years. Now, after having had F150s, Escapes, Explorers in our family, my husband and I purchased a used 2021 Big Bend with 10,600 miles in Area 51 Bronco II has reincarnated! No intention of off roading, just...