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  1. 2022 1.5L oil change question

    Link to Owner's Manual: 6.6 qts for the 1.5L engine.
  2. Found a way to reduce cabin noise in the Bronco Sport

    Will it still drain? Take care not to trap dirt and water and eventually cause corrosion.
  3. Oil question

    High mileage oils usually have the effect to soften and or swell seals - yet they are still meeting current specifications. I suggest you give Mobil lubricants hot line a call to discuss.
  4. First DIY oil change experience

    Yes that oil really flies out! I use ramps also and plenty of room to work underneath.
  5. Accelerator Jittery at low speeds

    Our ‘23 OB is very smooth at slow speed such as when entering the garage. It’s one thing I like about the car.
  6. What I really like about the Bronco Sport (in 60 seconds or less)...toot your horn!!

    I can drive very slowly with smooth throttle response. Unlike the’12 Escape we had that was hard to ease forward.
  7. Amy E

    Yes suspect the cabin air vents not closing.
  8. BEWARE OF PTU and REAR DIFF OIL LEVEL from the factory !

    The Fluids and Capacities Guides can be found here: Located under Axle Lubricants. A wealth of information!
  9. BEWARE OF PTU and REAR DIFF OIL LEVEL from the factory !

    OMG. Where can I see the specifications and capacity for these two gearboxes? I don’t see it in the owner’s manual.
  10. 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Thumping/Flapping noise

    This problem reminds me of a check valve that is over-sized. A fix might be to seal off one side thereby making the other side stay open? I wonder if taking them off could encourage air to come in and bring dust and, hopefully not, Carbon Monoxide from exhaust fumes into the car.
  11. Engine tapping Bronco sport 1.5L ecoboost

    If our ‘23 OB were doing that, I’d do a precautionary oil change but not really expect it help much. Also keep an eye on oil color (not yellow) and coolant level as some are writing about coolant leaks. Good luck this is disappointing to hear about.