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  1. Dennis Kilbride

    What I really like about the Bronco Sport (in 60 seconds or less)...toot your horn!!

    Getting close to 9K on the Bronco Sport, averaging 1K a month. It's done everything I'd hoped. I'm getting 24.0 mpg, it will pull a trailer with 1000 pounds weight in it, I like a lot about the inside, it's fun to drive, it has super traction in slippery conditions, excellent drainage on the...
  2. Dennis Kilbride

    First flat tire, actually an ok experience.

    I didn't time it, but it couldn't have taken more than 5 mins. Kudos to Ford for the full-size spare (Big Bend), the jack and handle are actually superb in design, the lift points clearly marked. The acorn two-piece nuts are still original but I had a 'biter' socket with just in case to...
  3. Dennis Kilbride

    Slop in the trailer hitch receiver gone...

    Never notice it as bad with my F150's but with the Bronco Sport I sure did. Quiet as a church mouse back there now. Hitch Tightener, Anti-Rattle Stabilizer... StowAway Hitch Tightener, Anti-Rattle Stabilizer for 2 Inch and 1.25 Inch Hitches. Made in USA. : Automotive
  4. Dennis Kilbride

    2022 Big Bend, 1.5 liter, towing max load 2000 pounds...

    266 miles 21.45 mpg and never went above 60 mph. Half the route had hills, the other half flat.
  5. Dennis Kilbride

    wimpy rear internal tie downs

    I needed to haul three 8 foot 2x4's back to my house in the Bronco Sport. I was sorely disappointed with the wimpy tie down hooks. The three 2x4 weighed 24 pounds. I used 550 paracord line and snugged it down only to have the line pop off the tie down latch. Any shifting of the 2x4's inside...
  6. Dennis Kilbride

    Top Speed...

    I took a couple screenshots from a Youtube video. Big Bend up to 118 mph. Not mine.
  7. Dennis Kilbride

    MASH medical containers fit perfectly.

    Sweet. I am able to get four of them in and still have space for cooler and dog in front of containers. Dimensions are 31 1/2 in. L x 19½ in. W x 11 1/2 in. H. They run about 50.00 in military surplus stores.
  8. Dennis Kilbride

    First big road trip towing max weight

    'Normal' Goat mode pulling max weight of 2000 pounds, 60 mph, tach stayed around 1700RPM. The big test was Duluth Minnesota with the long steep hill (south side) coming into and return leaving Duluth. I stayed in normal mode and the Bronco Sport handled fine. Think I lightly tapped brakes a...
  9. Dennis Kilbride

    Tongue weight

    Am I missing something with the Youtube videos of everyone (top pic) using the bath scale, 2x4's marked off, pipes, plywood, measuring tape. I bought a $30.00 hanging scale through Amazon (bottom pic), hung it off a sawhorse, and simply lowered the trailer tongue.
  10. Dennis Kilbride

    What is the frontal resistance area in square feet of a bronco sport.

    I'm trying to find this stat and cannot. I'm roughly estimating 20 square feet. In order to not go over the 30 square feet total vehicle and trailer you would almost have to have a flat snowmobile trailer with a maximum of one sled on it I would say. And by going over the maximum of 30 you're...