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  1. rms34208

    Top Tier Fuel

    Not so long ago I contacted Murphy Oil Company asking this same question about Top Tier Fuel. The answer with documentation was that retailers of Fuel Products pay for this designation. I have the 1.5 Dragon engine and have used several Fuels. The WaWa Ethanol free 87 octane is good and...
  2. rms34208

    no leaks of oil or coolant and it started right up

    Glad that occupants were Ok, But after looking at the crush zones the Insurance company probably would total the SUV.
  3. rms34208

    Read Before you buy a Bronco Sport!!

    Very sorry for you experienc with this vehicles. My personal BS Big Bend SUV has experienced the transmission lightly jerking in Eco mode while driving very slowly not any issue I can not live with for a Lite Duty SUV with variable Four Wheel/ All Wheel Drive . I also get 30 plus MPG and I Find...
  4. rms34208

    Falken Aklimate -- Falken's First All-Weather Touring Tire

    Very interesting new tire entry……Would you know the sidewall performance rating?
  5. rms34208

    Extended Warranty on used 2021 BSBL with 56,500 miles

    I suggest you look closely at what is and is not covered. Do require New parts or remanufactured parts? Do they require and will they pay for Diagnostics or Teardowns to diagnose any issue? This has been a sticking point on some aftermarket warranties. Also what is the deductible and will your...
  6. rms34208

    Front deflector - where to order?

    It is available At Your local Ford Parts counter .
  7. rms34208

    Is the end nigh for Ford's EVs?

    Fords error was in as always Not listening to the Public and dealerships.EV,s are currently expensive and therefore a limited market. If you check out the advanced technology of the Nio which has an EV capable of 600 miles of range And are putting in place in China battery exchange in less than...
  8. rms34208

    Few things I’ve noticed

    Concerning the battery concerns…… check out the you tube video from Ford expert mechanic Macculato. He personally drives an F150 and addresses the issues by pointing out that even himself does not drive a long enough distance to his shop to fully charge/recharge his battery. He placed his...
  9. rms34208


    It’s like buying an LG or Samsung refrigerator……looks good but only operates until the warranty expires then try to find the parts for repair. Lots of Plastic and future rattles.
  10. rms34208

    What is wrong with my new bronco sport - no oil in car

    I never leave the Ford Dealership without first opening the hood and checking the engine compartment. I have experienced the oil cap not replaced and after an oil change I check the oil level. I have experienced several time where the Tech has left oil on my door panels and handle and I make the...
  11. rms34208

    I think it happened...cracked fuel injector

    From the research I,ve done on the 1.5 Dragon 3 cylinder engine it is programmed to go into lymp mode and deactivate any cylinder that is not functioning properly so you may have been running two cylinders to protect the engine.
  12. rms34208

    Auto Start / Stop not autoing.

    Thanks, Most definitely agree on frequent oil changes most likely 4000 or less and Full Synthetic. There are several you tube videos on the subject of frequent oil change intervals. This 1.5 Ltr is powerful but the Turbo and direct injection create lots of heat degradation of the oil and us that...
  13. rms34208

    Auto Start / Stop not autoing.

    Has anyone purchased or explored the Battery Tenders or related products as to does a trickle charger help maintain the 12 volt battery for us that make short trips and don,t always drive longer distances often enough to fully recharge the system?
  14. rms34208

    First Road Trip in Big Bend

    So here’s a January update, I ran my tank down to 1/4 and filled up with WaWa 87 octane and with mostly short trips since the fill up I dropped to 26. Next trip to pump I,ll go back to 93 octane and recheck. All vehicles are EPA tested with 91 or higher octane and in the manual Ford recommends...
  15. rms34208

    Okay, I F'd Up....

    The Red Spot above the letter “C” ?
  16. rms34208

    Just wanted to wish you all Happy New Year from Japan

    Be safe there appears to be a whole lot of Shaken of the Earth over there!
  17. rms34208

    First Road Trip in Big Bend

    I took my BS on Road trip from the Tampa Bay area to the Flamingo Lodge in Everglades National Park. It ran flawlessly and the gas mileage was superb. I used Shell 93 octane fuel and at times exceeded 38 mpg, mostly around 35 to 36. Speed ranged from 55 to 70 depending on traffic ,weather and...
  18. rms34208

    Ford Bronco Sport 1.5 Turbo Issues

    Unfortunately we from Florida and California are not able to purchase discounted Repair Plans . Granger was not able to extend the plan to me. The state lists them as regulated insurance plans .
  19. rms34208

    So here’s a really dumb question for y’all.

    Future charging port for plug in and all electric versions .
  20. rms34208

    Review: I got the chance to sit in one!

    I currently have the BSBB 1.5 and have only had it for 40 days. It is fun, plenty of power and I only use Ethanol free Fuel at 89 Octane and get up to 32 mpg. In traffic s/s it drops by 2 mpg to 30. I previously owned an Escape 1.6 2013 and got 25 mpg in town . Everything depends on your method...