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  1. johnardsg

    Short Gas Pedal?

    Another factor would be the seats, if you havent noticed the front part is higher like in a bucket seat. If you adjust it upward youre foot will barely hit the pedal. Strains your knee area too while pressing the gas pedal. What i do is lower the seat until i can comfortably press the pedal...
  2. johnardsg

    [POLL] Speedometer Squabble!

    Analog, but it doesnt help when you get pulled over cause youre too happy blasting away thru the nevada desert. (No one in sight for miles!)
  3. johnardsg

    Click noise on steering wheel

    I have no idea. I sent a private message to the ford account, still waiting for response.
  4. johnardsg

    “Finally”… a correction for Rear Brake Moan Noise

    Since the brake and accelerator are close you can actually do a heel and toe action here but the reverse since the positions are not the same as in manual transmission. Heel on brake toe on gas if you can bend your foot that way
  5. johnardsg

    12 volt battery charge state detection recall coming out.

    While we wait this is the potential consequence, no biggie :/ Consequence: An undetected low battery charge can result in a loss of electrical accessories such as hazard lights, or cause a loss of drive power, increasing the risk of a crash.
  6. johnardsg

    smart fog lights

    Sorry for my ignorance, whats a bambi mode?
  7. johnardsg

    Hood Scoop Recall

    Ford should make new hoods with the scoop as part of the build but add in the bigger turbo option. Seems like throwing $$$ but hey you want a scoop, there you go. Pay when you go out :)
  8. johnardsg

    “Finally”… a correction for Rear Brake Moan Noise

    I only had this issue in texas weather, sun+rain+high temp mix. I never had this whale call back in oregon where it’s aways raining.
  9. johnardsg

    2 different times, 2 different paint colours, same car

    Ditto with the cactus gray. Who doesn’t like a new car for free, win win scenario yay!
  10. johnardsg

    smart fog lights

    I dont see that on the lighting section of my BB, that feature may only be controlled on the BL/OB trims
  11. johnardsg

    Bushwacker fender flare fell off!

    I wanted to get this and the side molding back in 2021 but decided not to due to what you just have experienced. Hopefully you get yours fixed soon
  12. johnardsg

    Moaning back brakes

    These the ones you got? Let us know how the stopping response changes
  13. johnardsg

    Anyone using 245/60/R18 with stock wheels?

    Hey y'all, Has anyone else upgraded their BS with 245/60/R18 with the stock wheels? From the old threads, seems like this size is the max without a lift. Trying to see how wide it is and if there is noticeable rubbing during normal turns and load. Got 235/60/R18 now, if you have 245 let me know...
  14. johnardsg

    47.5 MPG on Big Bend using Eco Mode 🍃

    I just discovered my BS can do 99.9mpg, we beat hybrids and EVs.
  15. johnardsg

    Moaning back brakes

    I apologize in advance if this will sound mean but i laughed so hard on your dying whale moan comment hehe. It captures what everyone with the issue has been experiencing. Anyway, if i replace the whole brake assembly with better non-ford made ones (if they sell those) i should be able to...
  16. johnardsg

    Moaning back brakes

    My BS still has this stupid sound during reverse, so when i reverse i brake late and shift quickly to avoid this freaking sound. If i hit someone, oops sorry still waiting for parts replacements, tsb/fsa stacking up my car.
  17. johnardsg

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I finally put the BigBend sticker I bought from the BigBend national park on my BigBend BS :)
  18. johnardsg

    Looking for a Thread?

    This and this? Theres more though