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  1. WildFord

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    More nature's cyber orange :)
  2. WildFord

    2025 4Runner Revealed Photos and Specs!

    Personally I think they 've done a better job on styling the new LC than this new 4runner. the flared fender is a little too much. I'm sure many people like that since that is common mod for this type of vehicle, BS included. I perhaps prefer more integrated look and less "add on" type...
  3. WildFord

    Rivian shocks with R2, R3, R3X reveals! $45K starting price, 0-60 under 3 secs, 300+ miles range

    looking at the new Landcruiser price, I put a reservation on the R2. I don't think it will be $45k. might be single motor with a small battery for that price. I'm hoping $55 to $60k is a reasonable equipped one. duo motor with 300+ range. maybe battery tech will improve between now and...
  4. WildFord

    Anyone receive their Free Wheeling Bronco Sport yet?

    Very interesting color…. but is there any other difference other than colors?
  5. WildFord

    Fluid Storage Container patent that clearly is a Bronco Sport rear end. so....not a bad camping/overlanding equipment. Tho the trunk is very small to fit anymore stuff. but a an integrated system will be helpful to organize efficient...
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    2025 Bronco Sport Spotted

    I wonder that big screen is a disguise as well. if they move the vents down to make room for the screen, that little cell phone cubby would be gone. or, more likely, the buttons/knobs will be removed and put the vent below the big screen then the cubby. sounded like the platform will stay for...
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    Bottle Opener rant - The upside down Ford Bottle Opener

    this is funny...I think I've used it once in 18 months of ownership. most of those microbrews are all cans now. maybe they can mount one of these in the back instead: or we just smack it against our forehead :crackup: or how about a wine bottle opener?
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    Cover Photo Wednesday

    Thank you! Well, you can’t be too far from New Mexico, right? This pic taken in the Eastern Sierras which is 4-6 hrs north of So Cal. The BS is a comfy highway cruiser…. Road trip! :) I had to Googled north Texas… grasslands? Would there be nice bloom of wild flowers? That could be a...
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    Cover Photo Wednesday

    don't forget this one I just dug up from Fall of '22
  10. WildFord

    My Hiking and Overlanding Trip to Devil's Bridge and Bloody Basin Rd

    nice! we were just there just before new year. you got some nice snow on the Devil's Bridge. did you drive into the trail head or did the longer hike from the parking lot?
  11. WildFord

    HAPPY 🐫 DAY !!! Let's see those flexin'/off-road photos

    GOAT can't go over these rocks...but easily go around them :)
  12. WildFord

    It's Tushy Tuesday! Let's see those rear photos

    The T Rex may bite my Tush
  13. WildFord

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    surfing the soft sand near the New Wave
  14. WildFord

    Can stock BS BL do Sedona Trails? Ex: Soldier Pass and Devils Bridge

    that gatekeeper is looking different...the dip before the rocks is deeper (than this photo appeared to be)...I got out of the car to check...let my wife driving the car into the parking lot. we decided to just hike it. I'd say it probably would make it ...with some scraping. the side by SxS...
  15. WildFord

    Anyone else bothered by loud double horn honk?

    It is kind of a loud alarm, especially early in the morning. For those installed an air horn it’d be even more of an issue. maybe the key fob should have a notification feature or play a Christmas tune :)
  16. WildFord

    Can stock BS BL do Sedona Trails? Ex: Soldier Pass and Devils Bridge

    yes, watched the video, some of those steps seems require more clearance than a stock BS BL. the Dry Creek Trail to Devil's Bridge seems more manageable...will we get over the gate keeper without scrapping?? as they have described, once the wheel goes over the rock and drop down the other...
  17. WildFord

    Ford SuperVan

    2000 hp = 1500 kw that van probably can power a factory...for a short period of time:)
  18. WildFord

    Ford SuperVan

    so they did.... Pikes Peak with the Supervan
  19. WildFord

    Can stock BS BL do Sedona Trails? Ex: Soldier Pass and Devils Bridge

    i found the route on the map. looks like you had to have gone around a canyon to get to the spot. interesting....what is that canyon is like??? need to do some research thanks!!
  20. WildFord

    Can stock BS BL do Sedona Trails? Ex: Soldier Pass and Devils Bridge

    CVT sounded so promising initially but really did not worked out for certain application. I had to look up the baby's an EV! guess it won't have the CVT issue if it only has one gear :)