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  1. rms34208

    First Road Trip in Big Bend

    I took my BS on Road trip from the Tampa Bay area to the Flamingo Lodge in Everglades National Park. It ran flawlessly and the gas mileage was superb. I used Shell 93 octane fuel and at times exceeded 38 mpg, mostly around 35 to 36. Speed ranged from 55 to 70 depending on traffic ,weather and...
  2. rms34208

    2023 BS Odometer Read out Digits

    I purchased my 2023 Bronco Sport on Oct 31 and picked it up on November 1 , alls well a very Fun Ride. I was curious as I looked at the Odometer I noticed it only having 5;Digits meaning it would stop at 99999 miles has anyone gone to 100,000 miles yet and did it automatically add the digit...
  3. rms34208

    What issues have Bronco Sport owners experienced ?

    I want to order a 2022 Bronco Sport Big Bend. Please let me know your experience with dealers, fit and finish , four wheel drive, A/C, transmission , engine vibration, start/stop. I,ve read some Threads , I will use it as an everyday commute,fishing, hiking vehicle. I am on the fence as whether...
  4. rms34208

    Bumper, steel or rubber. Front and rear?

    New pics are awesome. Does anyone know if front and rear bumpers are rubber or steel?
  5. rms34208

    Accessories not available for ordering

    Tried the order for the Badlands. Could not locate the Nav accessories ,wireless charge, or upgraded trans cooler, oil cooler.