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  1. johnardsg

    Anyone using 245/60/R18 with stock wheels?

    Hey y'all, Has anyone else upgraded their BS with 245/60/R18 with the stock wheels? From the old threads, seems like this size is the max without a lift. Trying to see how wide it is and if there is noticeable rubbing during normal turns and load. Got 235/60/R18 now, if you have 245 let me know...
  2. johnardsg

    smart fog lights

    If your BS is equipped with fog lights, did you know that they are programmed/smart to turn on automatically to assist you on turns to make your path brighter when it’s dark? To see that it works, turn off your fog lights then drive around town past sunset to get coffee or something and make a...
  3. johnardsg

    Click noise on steering wheel

    Has anyone been hearing a click sound on the steering wheel? Happens when you turn left a little. I saw this from an earlier thread but that didn't mention if that was normal or what. Anyone else hear this sound?
  4. johnardsg

    Bigger engine for BS

    I was cleaning both our vehicles today and saw that my rav4 engine bay is full and my BB has a ton more space inside. (I took pics of both of them) Anyone else think that the BS can fit a bigger 2.5 to 3.0L engine? There's plenty of room and engineers can make a new innovation for sure to make...
  5. johnardsg

    Bronco sport two door+manual

    I was wondering if Ford will make a 2door BS. It will resemble the original bronco, maybe put a removable hardtop on it and 1.5L turbo should be enough for it but yeah 2.0L for upgrade works too. Maybe put a manual transmission option, we don’t have to worry about the goat modes anymore and...
  6. johnardsg

    Turbocharger failure

    Had a good time in Big Bend park last weekend then on our way home was driving with sport mode and suddenly lost power and came back quickly but not 100%. Check Engine and wrench light turned on and i got a message saying turbocharger is outputting lower boost. Parked to the shoulder and...
  7. johnardsg

    How to know when to use lift kit for bigger upsized tires?

    Hello, I've been using the stock R18 wheels with 225/60/R18 A/T tires for a while now but wanted to change to bigger tires. Is it okay to upgrade to 235/60/R18 without lift upgrade? (sorry newbie question)
  8. johnardsg

    balancing water blobby on your BS hood

    I always get nice water blobs on my BS which end up as a balancing game for me hehe
  9. johnardsg

    Wish there was manual shifting

    Anyone else think or wish that Ford should release a BS with manual shift? I am okay with it just being 6speed, thoughts from everyone? [please Ford pretty pleeeeessssee]
  10. johnardsg

    time to feed your horsey

    I believe i’ve seen this stated somewhere but reposting here and adding a photo; our horse was hungry and we fed it around 13gallons of 87 grade grass :) which means there is still approx 3gallons in the tank
  11. johnardsg

    Underhood insulation/cover

    Hello, does everyone have an underhood insulation on their bronco? my bigbend doesnt have one but saw a badlands kitted with it?
  12. johnardsg

    quick easy wiper/windshield cleanup?

    Anyone else having a hard time cleaning the dust/leaf gunk etc collecting on the windshield/wiper area? The car design in that part makes you open up the hood first before you can lift the wipers to get a good clean in there :whew:
  13. johnardsg

    G.O.A.T Mode Shifting points

    I have been driving sport mode all the time and seems like in the lower speeds (<=45mph) the BS is restricted to run up to 4th or 5th gear...It’s always 45mph @3000rpm @4th or 5th gear. Anyone else notice this? Does anyone know what the shifting points are for the BS goat modes? Thanks
  14. johnardsg

    Fail Safe on engine start/stop button

    Hello, I haven't owned a car with push button start/stop until the BS (my other car is via key insert) so it made me curious what happens when I'm driving and i suddenly "ACCIDENTALLY" hit the start/stop push button :) Driving at 45mph, pressed it.....Nothing :) I'm safe phew. I'm pretty sure...
  15. johnardsg

    Driver Sound Setting

    I was clicking all the options on the radio and i found this sound changes the sound distribution inside the car :)
  16. johnardsg

    Did i forget to shift to park???

    Look how awesome this auto shift to park is :) I never owned a ford before and im used to shifting with manual and auto with sticks so this really amazes me (Video attached)
  17. johnardsg

    extended uphill + downshift

    hello, has anyone else driven the BS 1.5 uphill for extended time? I feel like the computer doesnt downshift to give torque.
  18. johnardsg

    PNW OR Roll Call

    Anyone in the forum that's from OR? If yes, hello! Do you know if baby bronco is okay to drive thru the Florence sand dunes?
  19. johnardsg

    how long is the break-in period for baby bronco?

    hello, havent fully read the manual (and a novice), how long is the safe break-in mileage for BS?
  20. johnardsg

    BS hood feels like it's going to fly out during car wash air dry part

    We've been driving around our BB for 2 weekends now around Oregon and Washington doing 55-65 on slopes and 70/80 on hiways, no noise or problem what-so-ever. Then next day, before going to work, took it for a car wash and during the drying part, the hood felt like the screws would let go and...