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  1. gatornek

    When Did You Replace Your Battery?

    Lots of battery talk lately. The BS has been out for 3, 4 years now. Plenty of time for people to need a new one and get them replaced. So got me thinking that I wanted to see what the different experiences have been on that. Please don't answer unless it applies to your BS. Also if you...
  2. gatornek

    Speaker Install Help

    The good news is, I can take the door panel on and off in a matter of minutes now, with the help of my trusted right angle Milwaukee. The bad news, is that I only learned this because I took each door panel off to ensure that the harness they sent me was an ill fit. So I got nowhere with my...
  3. gatornek

    Key Fob holders and sleeves

    It's been a year. I don't want to wait until my fob is all beat to hell before I try and protect it. I need to start now. Link me your best, please. Show me what you guys got.
  4. gatornek

    Insurance companies getting driving data?

    I’ve worked “Enterprise IT” for what is quickly approaching 25 years. Trust me when I say that any data not in your physical possession, or that is synced to a vendor cloud, is essentially Publicly accessible, for the right price...
  5. gatornek

    Auxbeam placement help

    I got a sweet deal on Black Friday for a Rough Country lightbar that I coudln't pass up. I've been waiting on my Auxbeam purchase to get it installed though, because I want to make sure to get the Auxbeam in first because I definitely want to add a couple of other gadgets in the future. So now...
  6. gatornek

    Cobb Tuning - 2023 Ford Bronco Sport

    Will be coming up on a year of ownership in a few months, and have hit 11K on the odometer. I finally feel safe enough to start planning my Cobb tune upgrade. However, when I reached out to Cobb, I was disappointed to find out they HAVE NOT released the tune for the 2023 models and up. They...
  7. gatornek

    SuperDuty rescues Tesla Cybertruck
  8. gatornek

    First Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains.

    As I've noted previously on this forum, I came from a tuned 2.3 Mustang that left me enamored with the possibilities of the Ecoboost platform ... which ended up pushing me down the road of looking into the Badlands 2.0 when I needed something with more "utility". I'll be honest, and it very...
  9. gatornek

    Marmot Bronco Hoodie - ON SALE!

    Thought y'all might want to take advantage and grab another hodie for the upcoming winter, like I did. :)
  10. gatornek

    Taillight Out

    Noticed this BS in front of me having issues with a taillight. Wanted to try to get side by side with them to let them know (in case, sometimes, people are oblivious) and also find out how old it was. Haven’t really heard anyone in here chirp about the taillights. But a good LED twilight should...
  11. gatornek

    How Strong of a Receiver Shackle Mount?

    Obviously, our vehicles aren't huge 8ton animals, so I was going to cheap it out with a $40 aluminum receiver shackle mount for my recovery point on my new hitch. My main purpose in getting my aftermarket Curt hitch was for an upcoming trip to the Rockies where I wanted to do some offroading...
  12. gatornek

    Best "NON-straight-from-the-factory" Hitch

    So I chimed in on this thread, a couple of months ago, to try to generate some opinion on which is the best hitch to install for those of us who weren't lucky enough to get it straight from the factory. Best Tow Hitch for '21 - Using for Beach | 2021+ Ford Bronco Sport Forum -...
  13. gatornek

    Bronco Nation Tool Roll

    This item is back in stock after basically being out of stock since I've owned the BS. The price is great and comparable to any other similar tool roll, except this one is branded "Bronco". For anyone looking for a tool roll for their BS, get 'em befgore they go out of stock again...
  14. gatornek

    Kinetic rope question

    Been looking to start building my "off road recovery bag" for an upcoming trip to the Smokies in November. Got myself a "weekender" static line kit from ARB with a couple of gloves and D ring shackles. I also got my eye on some recovery boards. But I do have a question on kinetic rope options...
  15. gatornek

    Distribution Recovery Link

    I come from a long line of Mustangs, Accords, and Eclipses. Street tuning a vehicle and doing 'street things' has been my home for a looong time. This is my first true offroad vehicle. I have some experience offroading in California, when I was younger, with some experienced people that I...
  16. gatornek

    SeaSucker Mounts

    Does anyone have experience with these seasucker mounts? They have a few options like the ability to transport water or fuel, or even transport recovery boards. All on the side rear windows. Seems too good to be true to alleviate some of that "roof weight" concern. Are these things rock...
  17. gatornek

    Just got a used Yakima LoadWarrior

    OfferUp can sometimes be frustrating. You are dealing with sellers who can sometimes be unreliable; and there is also a lot of 'con-game' on OfferUp that you gotta be careful with. But OfferUp can also be serendipitous as it turned out this time. Sometimes, you find a seller who has exactly...
  18. gatornek

    Why some liftkit 'NOT' for Badlands?

    I know the "suspension" is different between the 2.0L models and the 1.5 models. But what about those diffrences actually PREVENTS the kits from being installed? Anything? Or is it simply that the Badlands is assumed to be driven off-road, and the kits that say that they aren't for them, are...
  19. gatornek

    Wider Wheel in Stock Wheel Well

    Forgive me if its been covered. I know tire size on stock wheels has been covered vigorously, but I was not able to locate info on if a wider wheel could still fit within the stock wheel well. I have been looking at the RTR wheels, but don't want to modify any trim or suspension item. They are...
  20. gatornek

    First Blackstone Oil Report Test Results In for My 2.0 Bronco Sport!

    Attached is my first Blackstone report. Nothing out of the ordinary EXCEPT the viscosity and fuel percentage is a little eye brow raising for oil that was only in there for 1000 miles. I imagine if I go a full 5K miles, thats gonna make for a lot of fuel in that oil. There's a Ford Escape 2.0...