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  1. Dennis Kilbride

    Towing with the Bronco

    I'm towing a 6'6" wide by 10' long 1000-pound steel trailer and a 1000-pound ATV. I drove 460 miles round trip about 3 times with it last year to my cabin. I stayed at 60 mph and the engine and transmission didn't seem to handle any different than the 4 different F150's I've done the same trip...
  2. Dennis Kilbride

    What I really like about the Bronco Sport (in 60 seconds or less)...toot your horn!!

    IT SURE IS!! I've got a spine fusion and still work as a driver with different vehicles all day and I have to turn and sit down in the seat and turn but with my Bronco Sport I can climb right in.
  3. Dennis Kilbride

    What I really like about the Bronco Sport (in 60 seconds or less)...toot your horn!!

    Getting close to 9K on the Bronco Sport, averaging 1K a month. It's done everything I'd hoped. I'm getting 24.0 mpg, it will pull a trailer with 1000 pounds weight in it, I like a lot about the inside, it's fun to drive, it has super traction in slippery conditions, excellent drainage on the...
  4. Dennis Kilbride

    Slippery Mode

    My experience is slippery at slow speeds on ice. I deliberately stopped on ice one night where a couple people kept losing traction and had to back down a steep hill. A half dozen times I came to a complete stop and s l o w l y pulled ahead without any wheel slip felt. The AWD engagement was...
  5. Dennis Kilbride

    First flat tire, actually an ok experience.

    I didn't time it, but it couldn't have taken more than 5 mins. Kudos to Ford for the full-size spare (Big Bend), the jack and handle are actually superb in design, the lift points clearly marked. The acorn two-piece nuts are still original but I had a 'biter' socket with just in case to...
  6. Dennis Kilbride

    G.O.A.T. modes testing in icy conditions.

    I agree with 'slippery' from our last ice storm here in Minnesota. I stopped on purpose 6 times on a steep hill where two different cars totally lost traction and had to back down the hill and try a different route. The Big Bend had absolutely zero hesitation or slip that I noticed all six times...
  7. Dennis Kilbride

    Rear tires slipping in snow/slush

    Update: I live in Minnesota and while this winter has been mild (compared to the last 5) yesterday we got a nasty, slick, snow fall move through making the roads bad. I've lived on a steep hill the past 40 years and my street is one of three in town that can get very ugly if the conditions are...
  8. Dennis Kilbride

    Rear tires slipping in snow/slush

    I was in slippery mode doing 40mph when my 'Spidey sense' went off and I thought I was feeling the wheels close to losing traction. I just kept decreasing my speed until it went away which was around 35mph. It was slick stuff. Even if I had been in my F150 in 4x4 I doubt I would have been going...
  9. Dennis Kilbride

    Rear tires slipping in snow/slush

    Yes I was in slippery mode.
  10. Dennis Kilbride

    Rear tires slipping in snow/slush

    I experienced the same yesterday in northern Minnesota. The roads were def bad and I could feel it too. This was also my first test with the Big Bend and although I was somewhat surprised it simply is not a F150 in 4x4. I kept my speed down.
  11. Dennis Kilbride

    Auto Highbeam

    Yup...that's it. Only happens in town low speed. Thanks brother.
  12. Dennis Kilbride

    Auto Highbeam

    I never use auto with the headlights and yet...I still see something going on up there with the lights. What is it?
  13. Dennis Kilbride

    Slop in the trailer hitch receiver gone...

    And no, the weld is not giving loose on the ball. I saw that too after I looked at the picture. It's an illusion.
  14. Dennis Kilbride

    Slop in the trailer hitch receiver gone...

    Never notice it as bad with my F150's but with the Bronco Sport I sure did. Quiet as a church mouse back there now. Hitch Tightener, Anti-Rattle Stabilizer... StowAway Hitch Tightener, Anti-Rattle Stabilizer for 2 Inch and 1.25 Inch Hitches. Made in USA. : Automotive
  15. Dennis Kilbride


    Haaa...the dealer I bought it from also did the rustproofing.
  16. Dennis Kilbride


    I took a peek and can see they were there. But from what I've read I think it needs to be done every year? My truck pickup topper had so much winter salt on it (Minnesota winter) I couldn't get the key in the truck cap locks this spring, there was a dry white residue in the lock, and I realized...
  17. Dennis Kilbride

    Swollen Nuts?

    There is a socket one can buy that will bite into the lug nut and def takes it off. They call it a turbo socket and it is specifically designed for wheel nuts. I got one for my F150 in case any of the nuts refused to come off as I replaced them with Gorilla nuts. I didn't have to use the turbo...
  18. Dennis Kilbride

    Best mode for towing

    I've used the 'Big Bend' twice towing round trip 460 miles using 'Normal' mode. I was pulling max weight of 2000 pounds, 60 mph, and the tach stayed around 1700RPM on flat freeway. The big test was Duluth Minnesota with the long steep hill (south side) coming into and return leaving Duluth. I...
  19. Dennis Kilbride

    First Oil Change Thoughts on 2.0L EcoBoost Engine

    I had a similar dark green color with a 1996 Ford F150 new. My brother-in-law thought it was antifreeze. Somehow a guy locally in town heard my story, claimed he worked at Ford and would make some inquiries for me as to why it was greenish. He did call back but couldn't really explain why it was...