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  1. Jmuns

    Florida Pirelli Scorpion ATR 225/65/17 - Brand New

    I have a Pirelli Scorpion ATR 225/65/17 - Brand new. Was the spare and has never been used. $100 Will not ship. Can meet most places in Florida and southern GA.
  2. Jmuns

    Tire Rotation

    What method are you all using for rotation? I have been having my tires rotated every 5k miles with oil changes at my local Ford dealer. Well my wife's BS got a flat late last week, neighbor patched it, and she wants it replaced with a new tire. No big deal, but I just had the tires rotated...
  3. Jmuns

    Rear Seat Console Vault - Any users?

    Is anyone using the Rear Seat console vault? I am currently just using a tethered lockbox in there but its a little clunky as the cable then takes up space making it harder to store other items in there when needed. I normally only have one need for the storage space, but there are times I store...
  4. Jmuns

    Cross Country Road Trip - Bronco Sport Review, MPG, Pictures

    We just got back from a 4900 mile roadtrip across the country. You can see the route here. There were day trips to some different locations, but this is the main route that we took. We had the BS packed pretty full (sorry no pictures) with our luggage, camping gear, inflatable SUP, dog and...
  5. Jmuns

    What is a good beginner drone?

    I've always looked into drones but I've never gone through with purchasing one. What drones are you all using, and what would you recommend? I would be using it for the BS obviously, but also trips to the beach, family gatherings, backyard pool days, etc. I know @Nam3 is using the DJI Mini 3...
  6. Jmuns

    OEM Crossbars too high?

    My wife and I are planning a cross country road trip. I have a Thule Canyon XT basket that I’m going to use. The OEM bars are fine with the basket close by. I haven’t had it loaded for long trips. Does anyone feel that the OEM crossbars are just too tall for platforms/racks/baskets? I’m not...
  7. Jmuns

    Florida Thule or Yakima Crossbars

    Looking to buy Thule or Yakima crossbars. If you have some that you don’t need or want anymore let me know. Can pickup or pay shipping.
  8. Jmuns

    Florida Stock Pirellis - 800 miles - Make me an offer

    Selling 4 stock Pirellis. Not sure what they are worth to anyone on here. I’m in Florida. I can anywhere in Florida as I travel the whole state for work. Message me an offer if you’re interested. I have them listed on Craigslist also
  9. Jmuns

    Got a flat tire today. Replace the Pirelli or upgrade to new set?

    I know this question will be immediately met with upgrade responses, but asking anyway. I’m asking because my Badlands got a flat today, stock Pirellis, at 750 miles. So the tires are basically new. Had to change the tire on the highway this afternoon. Something tore through the center of the...