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  1. FBSBB

    Sync 3 screen dead.

    I'm driving around with a brick on my dashboard, essentially. It's been acting strange, having trouble connecting, basic functions not working and finally the screen is dead.
  2. FBSBB

    Nothing I do will reconnect my Fordpass app to my car...

    I've tried reinstalling the app, I've chatted with very nice customer service people through the app itself and downloaded the updates to Sync 3 inside the vehicle as instructed to no avail. I'm at a point where I may have to take the vehicle in for service because of this. Anybody experience...
  3. FBSBB

    Clutch Shudder Under 20mph

    Any hear their transmission shudder under 20mph cruising, not while accelerating?
  4. FBSBB

    Advice on tail light cover or protector? Anybody have a link to a product?

    Can't find a Sport tail light cover only for the larger Broncos.
  5. FBSBB

    Brightlines Roof Rack Installs in Ten Minutes

    Installs quickly with the provided hex key.