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  1. Bluebaru

    Uwharrie N.F. Trail/Trip Report

    My brother and I arrived at Uwharrie on 4/12, for a 3 day weekend camping trip. Our interest in this area reached a peak last year, after watching many video's, including Ben's, from @HRG Offroad and some others that covered the 2023 AWD Fest. After our initial plan fell through, which was a...
  2. Bluebaru

    Sway bar link loose

    I hope both of you are ok and and always love your videos. Even if it isn't totaled, it seems like both parts and most of the repair shops take forever.
  3. Bluebaru

    HRG 2.5” vs Ford Ranger Lifts 1.75”

    I’m very similar to yours, except I have 2 inches of lift, using Flatout GR plus coil over’s. I feel I need to point out that the HRG skid plate is steel, thank goodness. I did strip one of the hex heads, but somehow I’ve had more problems bending the bolts than anything. I’ve replaced all four...
  4. Bluebaru

    Take your own Bronco Sport to the Off-Roadeo!

    If I was half as far away, I’d go for the camping experience package, in a heartbeat but sadly, I’m in the mid Atlantic. I did however, drive my Badlands to New Hampshire, for the off rodeo there about six weeks after I got mine, in 2022 and while I didn’t drive the off rodeo course in it, my...
  5. Bluebaru

    HRG Mid Skid ordered

    I just got back from getting mine installed. It was a 20 min. job, with no instructions and that includes removing the OEM Felt "skid plate" and the steel skid plate under the felt. There was a minor head scratcher, due to no instructions, on where the one mounting bracket went but he quickly...
  6. Bluebaru

    HRG Mid Skid ordered

    Here is the thread I was referencing . I agree with @DirtyLuke, the lack of JCR, Badlands specific products is disappointing. I'll also add that, even though I haven't received the HRG Mid Skid...
  7. Bluebaru

    HRG Mid Skid ordered

    Well it finally happened, I ripped off most of the factory Felt mid skid plate, on my last off road adventure, to the New River Gorge National Park area, last weekend. It took about a a year and a half, of once a month, off road trips and I had previously ripped a palm sized hole in it but a...
  8. Bluebaru

    Choose your trail with Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT!

    The provided links above only go to the 225/65/17, which is an SL load rated tire and hence a 4 Ply rated tire but, unless I'm mistaken, wouldn't an XL load rated tire automatically be rated a 6 Ply tire? For those that might want to take these off-road, I'd highly recommend one of the XL load...
  9. Bluebaru

    Good video analysis of Falken A/T4W

    My two biggest concerns would be the added weight and how the grip might change when it gets to that first step down, in the notches, and they disappear. Anybody know how deep that is? Stay to the end, for his conclusions.
  10. Bluebaru

    MaxTrax on Sale @ Amazon

    For those of you considering recovery boards, it looks like the full line of MaxTrax is on sale at a good $$, including the minis. the MK11's and the extremes. There is a new version that hasn't hit the US yet that's not included. The MK11's look to be the best bang for the buck, at $260 but...
  11. Bluebaru

    Nokian Outpost nAT tires - initial review vs MT Baja Boss

    As I recently purchased a set of 245/70/16, Nokian Outpost nAT's and some 16x7 Method MR707 Bead grip wheels, purchased at close out price, I thought I'd compare them to my 245/65/17, Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T's. The new wheels weigh just 17.7lbs and are 10lbs lighter each than the 17x7.5...
  12. Bluebaru

    WOW! RRW, RR5-S & RR5-V Wheel Sale

    It was my understanding they were on closeout, at that price but when I checked later, they had increased the closeout price to ~125-140. But the last time I checked, a day or two ago, there was no mention of them being discontinued and it looked like they were back up to full price. You might...
  13. Bluebaru

    Favorite Overland Wheels for BS?

    I purchased my bronco sport Badlands specifically to take off road and do so an average of once a month, since I purchased my car, at the end of July 2022, and the subjects of wheels and tires are near and deer to my heart. I see there being a difference between Overlanding and offloading...
  14. Bluebaru

    Ironman 3 Piece shovel sale

    I had seen some off road channel run down, of their top 10 products to take with them and for camping. This was on their list and is on sale now for 15% off and you get free shipping. Pic is partially assembled. This is not a lightweight product! It has a steel blade and everything packs down...
  15. Bluebaru

    It's Tushy Tuesday! Let's see those rear photos

    Am I the only one thinking non-PC thoughts? Can we at least get a real Tushy, in front of a BS Tushy?
  16. Bluebaru

    My first weekend off road snow adventure

    More pics added to first post. This is a better look, at the washout, I cut to sharp through and on the proper line.
  17. Bluebaru

    My first weekend off road snow adventure

    This pic was from day two of our 3 day adventure, more to follow and possibly a video or two. This was on Canyon rim road, in Davis WV and we were with 3 of our Subaru friends, in Wilderness edition Outbacks. The previous day, by brother and I did Canaan Loop, also in Davis, with a 6G Bronco...
  18. Bluebaru

    Falken introduces the NEW A/T4W

    My thoughts and corrections. The A/T3W, 235/65/17, max pressure is not 51lbs, that would imply it's an XL load rated tire and it's not. The A/T4W, 235/65/17, weight seems to be off or it's an XL load rated tire, contrary to the spec sheet, though it's possible that it's heavier because it's no...
  19. Bluebaru

    Falken introduces the NEW A/T4W

    The new A/T4W will be phased in as the 3W is phased out. They look a little heavier to me, (check the tire specs)
  20. Bluebaru

    Bubba Rope at all time low $$ @ Amazon Hurry

    I just ordered a 30', 3/4" Bubba Rope at an all time Low price, of $128, as tracked by www, ., The Camelizer, There were less than 10 left when I ordered. This was the best recovery Rope that Project Farmed tested and sold for $180 most of the last year and $160, before that...