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  1. Fast Mavericks

    Looking for a local Bronco Sport for parts development

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for someone local interested in Bronco Sport performance. I’ve developed several parts for the Maverick and being that they are close cousins, several parts should cross over. I offer turbo upgrades, full exhaust with downpipe, intercooler upgrade, intakes, Brembo...
  2. Fast Mavericks

    Liveronis Tuners on Sale

    Available for 2021+ 1.5 and 2.0 Ecoboosts, the Liveronis is good for 40whp & 75wtq gains on the 2.0. Tuner includes 1 gas tow tune and 1 gas performance tune. Aside from the gains you’ll have better throttle response, improved transmission shifting, and the ability to read and clear codes...
  3. Fast Mavericks

    Bronco Sport Performance Parts Available From Fast Mavericks

    Hello Everyone! I’m a sponsor on the Maverick group and just became a sponsor here. I don’t own a Bronco Sport but since it is a close cousin of the Maverick, Escape, Corsair, etc., I know several parts that work on the Maverick will work on the Bronco Sport. I am aware that performance may...