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  1. TrailRax Modular Roof Rack for your Bronco Sport

    Assuming it's the height of the BS vs Subaru's which are typically shorter so the COG is probably lower. Imagine the world of hurt if there were RTT's when the Bronco 2 was out.
  2. TrailRax Modular Roof Rack for your Bronco Sport

    Pretty cool, but not a chance in hell you can have that and a RTT installed on a Bronco Sport.
  3. Portable water heater?

    Why don't you just get an electric blanket with a good inverter/generator?
  4. 2024 Bronco Sport RV & Trailer Towing (GVWR / GCWR) Guide From Ford

    The lower trims of the BS don't have that suspension, so why can't they tow more?
  5. 2024 Bronco Sport RV & Trailer Towing (GVWR / GCWR) Guide From Ford

    Just the way it is with short wheelbase vehicles.
  6. 4-pin to 4-pin & 7-pin?

    Not sure how the 7 pin upgrade that doesn't provide power to electric brakes can be used with the break controller to power the brakes.
  7. Explainer: why OE tires are different.

    Tire is not built the same as the others to save weight.
  8. Explainer: why OE tires are different.

    That is true, but it is not the same spec as the other A/T3W's.
  9. Hyundai

    Looks more like a Flex. Front approach is not at all off-road capable.
  10. Why NO Low profile "Badlands" roof crossbars

    Hmm, I was unaware that the roof rails were different on the trims.
  11. Ford App Stranded Me!

    Even on badlands and outerbanks?
  12. Off-Road Coverage Now Available

    Does not appear to. My tires are already covered by Discount tire My windshield is already covered by my insurance. It's bologna just like most all extended warranties.
  13. Tired of Waitng

    That is just insane to have that many issues on one vehicle. Makes you wonder.
  14. Is Ford going to majorly change the look of the bronco as the years go by?

    If it sells enough it will change just like every other line.
  15. Body work

    Darn, I thought my garage door opening was low.
  16. 2024 Badlands - question on tires...

    If you search, you can see many threads on the different models and sizes of tires that people have put on their vehicles. The 235 Wildpeaks shouldn't affect the gas mileage much as they have been designed to be lighter than the standard Wildpeaks line. Going to the 245's is when you will notice...