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  1. Flash

    Got A Nail In A Tire

    Got a TPMS message Tuesday on the way to the range, 34 PSI both front tires, 33 PSI right rear, 26 PSI left rear. Took it to my local Discount tire. They apologized because the place was packed, standing room only customers and they said because of that it would take an hour. At the 45 minute...
  2. Flash

    Rented A GMC Terrain For Two Weeks...POS

    Went to Kona Hawaii for 2 weeks and rented a SUV from Budget. You get what they gave you, and they gave me a GMC Terrain. It's allegedly a turbo, but severely lacks power compared to my Bronco. It did, however, get good gas mileage. The trim inside looked and felt tacky and something that...
  3. Flash

    Got An Interesting FordPass Notification Yesterday

    It says: Your Flash(My Bronco's Name) equipped with FordPass(TM) Connect has been updated to the latet software version. Simply start your vehicle to reactivate remote features including start/stop and lock/unlock. Automatic transmissions and power door locks only.
  4. Flash

    Used the built in Navigation program pretty extensively yesterday

    Had a widow friend who needed some help, so we went over for a while. She lives kind of in the middle of nowhere so the Navigation program got a work out. Things I didn't like: The distances to a turn that it announces are a bit on the high side IMO, like if it says 200 feet, it's more like...
  5. Flash

    Got A Demonstration Of The Pre Collision Assist System Yesterday

    Driving 45 MPH or so down the road, suddenly a large red arrow and text about pre collision assist being on, also loud warning tone. Mrs. Flash and I jerking our heads around wondering what was about to happen. False alarm. I didn't even know my Bronco came with that, so I looked into it in...
  6. Flash

    USB Port Turns Off After Around 10 Minutes

    I was out with a friend and his iPhone battery got pretty low. So I plugged it in the USB port under the dash display and off we went for an hour or so. Came back, opened the door and heard charging turn on again (makes a distinctive sound). Turns out the USB port turns off after you close...